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Connect the Yext Knowledge Graph with the systems across your business.


Translate Yext content for a global customer base.

Smartling’s integration enables Yext customers to bridge the content creation and translation processes. Link Yext and Smartling accounts to quickly and cost effectively localize content for a global customer base – no developer support needed! As new content is added to Yext, automatically submit and manage translation to Smartling’s global network of professional translators.


  • Translate and publish new content as soon as it is ready
  • Eliminate copy/pasting with automated import and export of content
  • Customize translation methods based on content type and value
  • Easily access a global network of professional translators

Smartling Supports the Translation of:

  • Locations
  • Menus
  • COMING SOON – Products and Services
  • COMING SOON – Bios
  • COMING SOON – Events