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Splash is an event marketing automation platform that syncs event ECLs to Yext listings automatically

Splash is a marketing automation software for in-person marketing (events). Splash focuses on three core tenets: Design, Data, and Scale.

Design – Splash’s flexible Web CMS allows for event landing pages to be built without a single line of code, all while keeping everything white-labeled and on brand — down to the last pixel. Web, tablet, and mobile responsive, Splash makes designing landing pages and emails fun and easy. Designers love Splash. Developers can do other things with their time.

Data – Splash integration capabilities allow data to be captured in Splash via an RSVP form and push directly into the user’s CRM database. Splash’s data integration partners include, but are not limited to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot. For internal CRMs, Splash’s web hooks and restful API allow for seamless integration into any system.

Scale – No two organizations are the same – in size or structure. Splash’s technology allows brands to scale event technology across entire organizations without sacrificing design or data.

More on the integration – The Splash app automatically syncs events in Splash to Yext event ECLs, enabling events to become more discoverable across the Yext publisher network. Yext is a leader in omnichannel knowledge management and Splash is a leader in event marketing. With this partnership, these technologies are able to accommodate clients’ needs for maximizing marketing for individual retail locations. Yext users will finally be able to create event landing pages, event calendars, and meeting schedulers, and tie them directly to a physical location.