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Sync your store hours from StoreForce's Workforce Management Platform into Yext.

Built by Retailers, for Retailers, StoreForce provides industry leading tools designed exclusively for the Specialty Retail marketplace. Available as fully-mobile SaaS offing, StoreForce combines Workforce Management, Performance Management, Tasking, and Events,  as well as Store Visit and Business Intelligence, to deliver a series of Retail Programs that help drive performance on shop floors. These Retail Programs range from Sales Floor Leadership to Peak Segment Opportunity Identification, and enable our clients to increase their sales in brick and mortar stores between 5 and 10%, all while maintaining or reducing staff costs. With installations in over 40 countries in less than 7 years, our rapid growth is a testament to our success – we have built a simple, intuitive application designed to be rapidly embraced by Store and Field staff to drive value.

With the StoreForce app, you can effectively maintain your online presence as it relates to your stores’ open hours – both regular and holiday hours. Because Store Managers must plan future weeks’ store hours in order to create schedules, our clients find that the store hours in StoreForce are the most accurate available. By syncing StoreForce and Yext, your hours will be automatically updated in Yext anytime your hours are updated in StoreForce. Updates to hours of operation in StoreForce will reflect in Yext within 24 hours.

To install this app, you’ll need to be a customer of both StoreForce and Yext.