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Trabon MenuNet®

Publish and seamlessly update menu content using Trabon's MenuNet and Yext.

MenuNet is the single source of truth for your restaurant’s localized food and beverage menu content. And now, with the Tabon MenuNet app, your locations and local menus can be synced with the Yext platform. The Trabon MenuNet app gives businesses the seamless ability to update and publish their locations’ menu content, including pricing and nutrition, across the web while simultaneously increasing their accuracy and consistency. The headache of updating content can be a thing of the past.

To install this app, you’ll need to be a current Trabon MenuNet customer and have a Yext account. If you are a franchisee of a Trabon customer, please contact your Trabon account team. If you are not a current Trabon customer, please contact us directly at for details.

Once you’ve installed the Trabon MenuNet app, you’ll be able to view the location matches found between MenuNet and Yext, as well as locations that exist alone in either platform. Trabon administrators will reach out to you directly to discuss matches and coordinate menu publishing. After reviewing the location matches, you may choose to publish the menu data stored in MenuNet to business listings for any matched locations.