How BBVA Exceeds Customer Expectations With Yext and Adobe


Figuring out what online consumers want is no longer a guessing game: their questions, needs, and intentions are more evident and actionable than ever. Users who search on company websites are 1.8x more likely to convert than those who don't — and the 15% of visitors who use the site search feature account for 45% of revenue! This presents both an opportunity to brands and an existential challenge — can your brand serve, capture, and retain the high-intent, conversion-ready users who come to your website seeking answers?

Join this webinar to learn how BBVA did exactly that, by combining the power of Adobe Experience Manager with cutting-edge search technology from Yext.

From this webinar, you'll take away actionable insights on:

  • How search is every marketer's secret weapon — and how it helps understand customers' intent, serve them up the content they want, and maximize the value of your website
  • How Yext and Adobe are joining forces to transform the martech stack and enable companies to meet customers' ever-heightening expectations
  • What BBVA has learned from paying attention to the questions its customers are asking
  • How to start developing a search-first strategy for your business
Marc Ferrentino Headshot

Marc Ferrentino

Chief Strategy Officer

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Christopher Young

Director, Financial Services Industry Strategy

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Steve Creel


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