How to Reinvent Your FinServ's Marketing Strategy in a Changing Regulatory and Digital World

With TIAA, The Rudin Group, Seismic (formerly Grapevine6), and Yext

The customer journey has become the new battleground separating the industry laggards from the leaders. It's not good enough to just be "digital first"... to really stand out, you need to be "digital best." Join us as we explore what it takes to expertly manage first- and third-party digital experiences across the web, so that your organization can be the first — and best — responder to your customers' needs.

Learn what TIAA and other financial services firms are doing to empower financial professionals and branches to develop their unique brands, amplify their expertise across digital channels, and engage customers both online and offline.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How financial services firms are shifting their focus from products as the business differentiator, to customer experience as the new business driver
  • What some financial services firms are investing in to delight customers — and employees — in this ever-changing marketplace
  • Where the market is going and key tactics you can — and should — leverage to empower financial professionals, branches, and customers

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Shane Closser Headshot

Shane Closser

Head of Industry, Financial Services

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Mike Orr


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Chris Diskin

Senior Director, Consumer Marketing and Field Enablement

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April Rudin

Founder and CEO

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