Supercharge Discovery and Conversion with Yext Ecommerce Answers

Create an intuitive ecommerce search and discovery experience so you can meet your customers with direct answers every step of the way.

Streamline the digital customer journey and turn your website into a conversion engine with AI-powered ecommerce solutions from Yext.

Drive conversions

Accelerate top-line growth with a search-first strategy: customers who search are 2.6x more likely to convert, and they spend 3 times as much as customers who don't search.

Streamline the digital customer journey

Yext ecommerce search understands your customers' natural language questions and returns direct answers — not just links. Deliver a true "ask me anything" experience that returns the most relevant results, from products to rewards programs and more, within the same search-to-checkout experience.

Analyze consumer search behavior

Yext's ecommerce tools come preloaded with analytics to give you real-time insights about your customers' search queries and journeys. Use that information to expand your product lines, improve your marketing strategy, and more.

Accelerate top-line growth with a search-first strategy


Customers who search are 2.6X more likely to convert


Customers who search spend 3X as much as those who don't

The Answers Platform

Explore the integrations and platform features that help you deliver cutting-edge search experiences with Yext Ecommerce Answers.

App Directory

Use Yext's pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to enable your ecommerce search and discovery experiences.

Shopify Product Catalog Sync
Magento Product Catalog Sync

Your single source of truth online for the many public facts about your brand. Whether it's information about a product offering, store location, job opening, or professional credentials, you'll be able to provide people with actionable answers to the questions they're already asking.

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Knowledge Graph

A new framework that makes it easy to add data to your Knowledge Graph from a variety of sources including a web crawler. Building your own Knowledge Graph just became easier than ever.

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Data Connectors

A powerful new Answers Algorithm that pulls featured snippets from unstructured long-form text like blogs, bios, help articles, product manuals, and more.

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Document Search

Create a customized look and feel for your search experience, while still using Yext's powerful Answers algorithms.

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Custom Answers Frontend Options

Dynamic filters that update based on a consumer's search.

Faceted Search

Hardcoded, customized business rules that trigger an action in the results when certain search criteria are present.

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Query Rules

Real-time search analytics insights into what members are searching for and how they're asking questions.

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Advanced Analytics