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Local landing pages built for SEO.

When consumers want to visit you, they want to find locally relevant content — not a generic, corporate webpage. Yext Pages™ are optimized to show up in search engines, so your mobile customers can quickly find relevant, accurate data about your nearest locations. Read on to learn how we help local businesses get found online.

Be clear. Be crawlable.

You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for crawlers. Yext Pages™ are built according to industry standards and SEO best practices. We tag every field, from categories, to hours, to events, ensuring that search engines can find and understand all of your information and deliver it to mobile searchers immediately.

Responsive design that pops.

Your customers are mobile. Give consumers the best experience, no matter what type of device they are using to search, with Yext. Our local landing pages are responsive and mobile first, so each and every one of your locations is able to earn attention from customers for the right reasons.

Let us do the work.

Yext Pages™ are custom-made by our in-house, SEO experts (our "Yextperts," if you will) according to industry standards and your specific business needs. Your local landing pages will not only integrate with the Yext Knowledge Engine, but also with any internal systems you need. Relevant, up-to-date, and integrated? Yes, yes, and yes.

Measure your success.

Yext Analytics™ give you a glimpse into how consumers are engaging with your brand across local online channels. Segment your audiences by device, publisher, and the terms they are searching for — then use that data to engage the right customers in the right ways at the right time.

What our customers are saying.
KeyBank Customers

“Yext is helping us do everything from building responsive pages for desktops online and for mobile, to crafting strategic social media marketing campaigns...you essentially have a seamless mobile or online experience.”

Laura Cameron, VP, Digital Marketing, KeyBank

“We wanted both to allow deep customization of each local Page and also to ensure that franchisees could easily access their Yext Pages. Yext helped us accomplish this by tying its platform into a system we already have, which means that our franchisees actually access Yext Pages and Yext Facebook listings through our own internal portal!”

Erik Jensen, Senior Director of Brand Engagement, Denny's

“Having the store Pages as an avenue of communication between the store and the customer, has been invaluable.” ... “From an acquisition standpoint, it’s great to have a platform through which I can talk to people who aren’t yet aware of us. The Yext Knowledge Engine helps me to communicate store hours, sales, and event calendars with consumers. That has really been key.”

Joel Layton, VP of Digital Marketing, rue21
Yext Pages

Built for Scale and Conversion
The way consumers search for information has become increasingly complex. And whether they type a query in by hand, or pose a question to their voice assistant, your website needs to provide rich, specific answers. That’s why it’s critical to have AI-ready pages for each of your advisors, events, restaurants, menus, locations, and more. With Yext Pages, you can put your marketing team in control of your brand’s landing pages — and help them manage those pages efficiently and at scale — ensuring consumers find optimized, accurate, and consistent answers about your business, no matter how they’re searching.

See first-hand how the Yext Knowledge Engine can help you better manage your digital knowledge and attract more customers.

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