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Get more out of your WordPress website with Yext AI site search
  • Boost on site conversion by tailoring your experience to customer expectations
  • Gain new customer intelligence by learning from the questions your visitors ask on your site
  • Easily drag and drop Yext AI site search onto your WordPress site
For 30 days risk free, you get:
Unlimited Data Storage
Unlimited Data Storage for all the facts about your brand from FAQ’s to detailed product information
Unlimited NLP search queries
Unlimited NLP search queries powered by the Yext Platform
Dedicated Product Specialist
Dedicated Product Specialist available for email, calls, and video chats to help whenever you need it
Marc Ferrentino
Marc Ferrentino
More than one-third of the world’s websites run on WordPress — and with most relying on legacy keyword-based search, that translates to a lot of unanswered questions and lost conversions. Now, each WordPress site is just a plugin download away from delivering a cutting-edge search experience and enjoying increased conversions with Yext AI site search.
- President & COO, Yext
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Yext WordPress
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