Protecting against future algorithm changes

By Yext

Apr 23, 2015

1 min

"Mobilegeddon" has come and Google has reported that there are 4.7% more mobile-friendly sites than before. That's a very good thing for mobile users, but it means that thousands of people and companies were left scrambling after the announcement to update their technology. With over half of search conducted on mobile these days, it's no surprise that Google has taken this step, which is why Yext has been preparing for this update for more than a year.

Yext Pages have always been built according to the latest mobile and SEO best practices. We create unique web and mobile location pages and campaign landing pages that are responsive and adaptive across multiple screen sizes, making sure our customers' digital presence is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop searchers alike. And because we control the backend technology, we are constantly making changes and updates to make sure that the tech continues to be on the bleeding edge.

We're always looking ahead. We are listening to what Google and industry experts are saying about SEO and building features that adhere to best practices for search, so our customers are always protected against algorithm changes like "Mobilegeddon."

For more information about how using Yext can help your business prepare for this rapidly evolving mobile search market, check out our website.

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