Harness unbranded searches with Category Pages

Category Pages help businesses rank for terms associated with what kind of business they are and what kinds of products and services they offer.

By Yext

Aug 24, 2016

2 min

Are you making the most of Category Pages? As part of Yext's Pages product, Category Pages help businesses rank for terms associated not only with what kind of business they are, but also with what kinds of products and services they offer.

It goes without saying that you want your locations to rank for business-identifying terms. If you manage a department store, you'll do everything in your power to make sure your brand's local pages show up whenever someone performs a local search for "department store". No-brainer. But you also want your brand to win out against nearby competitors when customers search for "bedroom storage" or "appliance repairs". And achieving this poses a bigger challenge, particularly when competitors for these terms might be single-line stores or specialty repair shops — businesses which you might not typically consider your competition in SEO.

With Yext Category Pages, that challenge becomes a lot easier to tackle. Building specific pages for each category of products or services you offer is a proven method from eCommerce that we have applied to local SEO. This enables you to create up to three Category Pages for each of your location pages, so they'll rank for more unbranded searches and help your locations compete in more specific searches.

"The ability to categorise local pages based on offerings is useful for any business, but it's particularly important for brands with multiple product lines like department stores and financial services companies," says Andrew Shotland, founder of Local SEO Guide. "Mobile customers are more likely to perform unbranded 'near-me' searches and often those searches are based on a product or service they need, rather than on type of business. With Category Pages, Yext is helping businesses with complex offerings generate high-intent search traffic from consumers using those terms."

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