Boost Employee Productivity and Satisfaction with Yext's Workplace Solutions

Employees need company information to do their jobs. Make it easy, fast and fun to find with AI-powered workplace search solutions from Yext.

Deliver a world-class search experience for your employees

Intranet search for today — not 1999

Company benefits. Holidays. Policies. Make company information easy for employees to find with a modern, AI-powered intranet search experience.

Answer employees' questions

Yext understands your employees' natural language questions and returns direct answers — not just links. Deliver a true "ask me anything" experience that returns the most relevant results, from rich snippets to FAQs, maps and more.

Gain new insights

See what information is most important to your employees so you can keep that content top-of-mind and up-to-date.

Sync content from anywhere

Does your holiday calendar live in one system, but your FAQs in another? Pull content from anywhere across your organisation to power your search results with Yext's data connectors and website crawler.

Your single source of truth online for the many public facts about your brand. Whether it's information about a product offering, store location, job opening, or professional credentials, you'll be able to provide people with actionable answers to the questions they're already asking.

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Create and manage integrations with one user-friendly tool

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A single answer extracted from a larger set of results

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Uses artificial intelligence to contextualise query terms. Determines query intent and returns the entities that are the best match

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See how Yext can help you deliver answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.