Drive customer loyalty by managing your reputation at scale

Proactively driving positive reviews and engaging with customers who leave reviews is a key component to an effective reputation management strategy. Yext Reviews is an AI-driven solution that helps you manage reviews more efficiently to deliver a positive customer experience across all of your locations.


average star rating increase for Yext customers that respond to 75%+ of reviews


increase in 5-star reviews


reduction in review response time

Grow customer satisfaction across all locations

Yext monitors, analyzes, and reports customer engagement and sentiment to local and corporate teams, helping you identify issues and take action to improve CSAT and customer loyalty.

Boost efficiency and cut costs with AI

Manage your reputation more efficiently by leveraging AI and automation to reduce routine tasks, letting your team manage more reviews and increase the scale of your customer engagement.

Uncover better customer insights for data-driven decisions

Leverage Yext's industry-leading data science to proactively identify trends in customer feedback and sentiment on an ongoing basis across all reviews.

Improve local SEO performance to increase conversions

Consistently responding to customer reviews can improve your rank and discoverability. Yext helps you quickly deliver quality responses to high volumes of reviews across all major sites.

Respond to more reviews without more headcount

Let our team partner with yours — Yext's review management services help you deliver prompt and personalized responses to more customer feedback.

Key Features


Responding to reviews impacts how customers perceive your brand and how they decide to leave feedback. In fact, surveys show that over two-thirds of consumers who leave negative reviews will update or delete them if they are responded to.

Responding to reviews improves SEO by fostering engagement and adding fresh content to your listings. To search engines (like Google), review responses signal a commitment to customer service, which they reward with improved rank and visibility.

Surveys show that customers expect responses to all reviews, positive and negative, within 24-48 hours. Prompt responding increases the chances that customers will leave a positive review and the likelihood that a customer will update or remove a negative review.

Locations with higher star ratings receive more in-person and online traffic, contributing to revenue growth. In fact, Yext data shows that locations with higher star ratings (4-5 stars) can have an over 3x greater clickthrough rate compared to locations with lower ratings (2-3 stars).

Yext makes it easy to incorporate local information in your review responses. Whether you want to generate responses with AI or use templated responses, our intelligent response tools ensure that you share the right location-specific information whenever you respond to local feedback.

Yes. Yext has a strong partnership with Yelp, including a direct API integration that allows Yext customers to monitor and respond to Yelp reviews at scale and in real time from the Yext platform.

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