Introducing Yext Chat: Conversational AI for the Enterprise

Deliver an LLM-powered chatbot that answers users' questions based on your content, collects user inputs, and performs configured tasks. Spend your limited time on strategic initiatives, not conversations that could be automated.

Please note: As with all bots, our chatbot’s ability to answer questions will improve over time. We will be carefully monitoring its performance and will continue to optimize its Content and Goals, so that it can support you even better in future conversations.

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Drive Conversions through Conversations

Offer personalized, real-time guidance to prospective customers — by answering their questions, nudging them to take the next step, and streamlining their transactions.

Serve Your Customers Efficiently

Drive customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost. Empower users to self-serve, reduce their wait times, and save your team's resources — everyone wins.

Set Up in Minutes, Not Months

We handle Large Language Model (LLM) orchestration, API serving, logging, and observability for you, so all you need to do is add content and business logic.

What Sets Us Apart

Configure in Natural Language

Configure Chat using natural language, without needing to code. If you can tell a person how to do something, you can tell Yext Chat how to do it too.

Seamlessly Integrate

Easily integrate with the other technologies in your stack to ensure you're providing a consistent and complete experience. From Connectors to pull content in from other sources, to frontend options that allow you to implement Chat on any page or application, to backend integrations that allow you to interact with external systems (ex: your reservation system) — Yext Chat offers connectivity across systems.

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Transparency and Observability

Maintain complete visibility of everything your bot is saying in response to user messages, and drill into exactly why it responded the way it did. Plus, gather valuable insights that can inform your content and marketing strategy.

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Built on Yext Content & Yext Search

Using a technique called retrieval augmented generation, Chat can answer questions about your business in a conversational format using the information from Yext Content, retrieved seamlessly by Yext Search algorithms. This ensures that you have complete control over the content accessed by the bot. And if you already have a Search experience — it's extra simple to spin up a chat bot that leverages the existing search configuration.

Use Cases

Answer customer questions based on help articles, unlock self-service, deflect unnecessary tickets for known problems, and equip live agents with an internal chat tool to find the answers they need on the fly.

Answer questions about your brand and its offerings, drive new leads, promote events, collect user information, and more.

Advise customers on product offerings that suit their needs, answer questions about availability and pricing, track shipments, or assist with returns and exchanges.

Field internal questions from employees, authenticate access to sensitive or user-specific content, and automate HR tasks (such as changing contact information or requesting time off) through conversation.

Leverage the power of the entire Yext platform

Yext Chat is one product among many in our digital experience platform. We’re committed to bringing you the latest content management features, cutting edge application of AI, and exceptional user experiences at every touchpoint. Build any single application on the Yext platform (such as Chat), and unlock dozens of other use cases for that same content — including pages, search, listings, and more.

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