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Meet Todd Munion, Every Brand's Nightmare

82% of the answers about brands online come from unverified sources – like Todd. Shouldn't the answers be coming from you?

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Capture, convert, and retain more customers by providing rich answers wherever they ask questions
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Reduce time, manual effort, and data discrepancies across your teams and internal systems
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Give customers the right answers about your brand — and act on their feedback to foster loyalty

Trusted by leading companies around the world, including:

Ben & Jerry's
Denny's, America's Diner
Premier Inn
Berkshire Hathaway
Cicis: Beyond Pizza
BAYADA Home Health Care
School of Rock
Meineke Car Care Center
Kampgrounds of America
Pep Boys
Steward Health Care

With our mission of perfect answers everywhere, we are leading brands into the future of search.

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We partner with the best.

We partner with the best.

Yext integrates with hundreds of leading brands to keep your business information and data up to date — everywhere it counts.

What our customers are saying.
Denny's John Dillon

Yext is now fundamentally embedded into our marketing initiatives and digital presence system. The purpose of our digital and search presence is to drive diners into our actual restaurant locations time and again, and that is where Yext is invaluable.

John Dillon, CMO, Denny’s
T-Mobile Customers

From a client standpoint, what I expect from an agency or partner is — one — that they provide the service they said they’d deliver — two — that they provide great customer service, and — three — I expect them to come to the table often with new ideas, new concepts, changes that are happening in the industry, and what we need to do to roll with those changes. Yext has been hitting it on all three pillars there.

Glenn May, Senior Search Manager, T-Mobile

Now, any of our restaurant owners and franchisees can be at their local restaurant, search for ‘Taco Bell’ or ‘tacos near me,’ or just ‘tacos’ — ‘near me’ is already implied — and see our restaurants showing up against the competitors. In a lot of areas, we’re showing up in the top three ranking positions. It [Yext] was a game changer.

Derrick Chan, Director of eCommerce, Taco Bell

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