Deliver Answers and Drive Conversions with Site Search

Transform site visitors into customers — and learn more about what matters most to them — with a dynamic AI search experience on your website.


On average, companies with AI-powered site search from Yext see:


increase in site conversions


reduction in bounce rate


more time spent on site by users after they conduct a Yext-powered search

People want answers. So why does your website only give them links?

Answer your customers' questions

Yext site search understands natural language questions and returns direct answers — not just links. Deliver a true "ask me anything" experience with multiple algorithms that return the most relevant results, from rich snippets or professional profiles to FAQs, maps, and more.

Increase conversions

Quality results and customizable calls-to-action push people to convert, right from the search results page. On average, companies have seen a 1.4X increase in site conversions after implementing Yext site search.

Take your content management system to the next level

Yext's drag-and-drop search experience is easy to implement onto your site and will help you get the most out of your CMS. We integrate with Acquia, Adobe, Drupal, and WordPress.

Reduce bounce and increase time-on-site

On average, companies have seen their bounce rate drop by 37% and their customers spend 2.6X more time on site after using Yext site search.

Gain new insights

See deep insights about your customers' search queries and journeys. Then, surface the search terms that matter most to them in your other marketing efforts.

Sync content from anywhere

Does your product data live in one system, but your FAQs in another? Pull content from anywhere across your organization with Yext's data connectors and website crawler to power your search results.

Uses artificial intelligence to contextualize query terms. Determines query intent and returns the entities that are the best match

Natural Language Understanding

A single answer extracted from a larger set of results

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Document Search

Create and manage integrations with one user-friendly tool

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Data Connectors

Real-time insights into what people are searching for and how they're asking questions.

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Advanced Analytics

Resources for Marketers