Understanding the Answers Algorithms

Bring a Google-like search experience to your website. Yext Answers uses natural language understanding to interpret your customers’ intent and deliver the most relevant search results.

Recreate a modern search experience on your site

Google takes data from a knowledge graph, FAQs, and organic links (documents) to provide an ideal user experience. Yext Answers takes the exact same approach. See how our results compare to a search on Google:

Google Search

Yext Answers

A multi-algorithm strategy that focuses on natural language

There isn’t a single perfect search algorithm—that’s why Answers has three. Rather than keyword-based search, Answers uses a multi-algorithm approach to surface the best results, similar to how the top consumer search engines work.

Search for Structured Data

Answers uses Named Entity Recognition—based on Google's open source machine learning framework BERT—to detect potential filters and show structured results from a Knowledge Graph. This works great for structured entities like products, events, and jobs.

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Search for Semi-Structured Data

FAQ data is more loosely structured than location or product data, but it contains rich information. Answers uses Semantic Text Search for FAQs. Instead of relying on keywords, we embed both search queries and FAQs in vector space and use an algorithm to determine the most relevant FAQs—no synonyms required!

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Search for Unstructured Documents (coming soon)

Soon, Yext Answers will be able to search unstructured data to identify the most relevant documents. With Extractive QA, you can crawl, index, and search through blog posts, help articles, and product manuals and extract relevant snippets that answer the query posed.

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A commitment to constant innovation

At its core, search is about understanding language. That’s why we’ve leveraged the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, including Google’s breakthrough machine learning framework BERT. The Answers Algorithms are constantly evolving to provide better results over time, reducing the need to hire data scientists and developers.

Answers is a full search platform

Answers is more than just a set of search algorithms—it's a full search-as-a-service platform. Learn more about the individual features that make up Answers.

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