Customer Stories

Fazoli’s Uses Yext to Triple Online Sales

Fazoli's sees 3.6x growth in online sales after kicking off a Yext-assisted digital transformation.

First Financial Uses Yext to Give Clients a Great Experience Online

Using Yext, First Financial experienced a 225% increase in site search volume and a 27% click-through rate in search results.

Cox Communications Provides Direct Answers to Customer Questions With Yext

Using Yext Answers, Cox Communications experienced a 51% increase in site search conversion rate and a 59% decrease in repeat on-site searches.

Cherry Creek Mortgage Boosts Discovery, Drives Clicks to MLOs With Yext

Using the Yext platform, Cherry Creek Mortgage experienced a 262% lift in clicks to its website and a 272% lift in clicks-to-call — significantly increasing the online discoverability of its MLOs.

BBVA USA exceeds customer expectations with Yext and Adobe.

In six months, BBVA USA experienced a 140% increase in site search volume and a 180% increase in clicks to MLO pages — driving a total of more than 8,000 clicks from qualified leads.

Three boosts digital performance by providing verified answers with Yext.

Using Yext, Three improved the customer experience on its own website, resulting in a 42% reduction in online support contacts.

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