Customer Stories

Three boosts digital performance by providing verified answers with Yext.

Using Yext, Three improved the customer experience on its own website, resulting in a 42% reduction in online support contacts.

Denny's Drives Hungry Mobile Diners Through Restaurant Doors With Yext

Using the Yext platform, Denny's increased the online discoverability of its restaurants — experiencing a 174% lift in local page impressions and a 36% increase in listing clicks.

Ben & Jerry’s Holds Annual 'Free Cone Day' With Yext

Using the Yext platform, Ben & Jerry's accomplished in 2 hours what would have taken store managers collectively 200+ hours to do manually, and experienced 6 million event impressions.

Steward Health Care Partners With Yext to Improve Customer Engagement

In the first 4 months of 2019, Steward Health saw a 119% growth in Google search views compared to the same period in 2017, 111% growth in website clicks, and 74% growth in clicks-to-call.

Cherry Creek Mortgage Boosts Discovery, Drives Clicks to MLOs With Yext

Using the Yext platform, Cherry Creek Mortgage experienced a 262% lift in clicks to its website and a 272% lift in clicks-to-call — significantly increasing the online discoverability of its MLOs.

Movement Mortgage Uses Yext to Provide MLOs With a Cohesive Online Presence

In the 20 months since launching with Yext, Movement Mortgage has driven more than 2.7M impressions and 75K clicks to its listings.

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