Customer Stories

Samsung Increases Customer Satisfaction and Streamlines the Resolution Journey with Yext Support Solutions

Within just a few months, Samsung experienced a significant lift in NPS and CSAT by launching a Yext-powered Help Site.

Casio Visitors Convert 3x More with Yext's Commerce Solutions

The global electronics company launched Yext-powered search to boost conversion rates, lower support costs, and improve the overall user experience of its website.

People’s United Bank Sees 15x ROI With Virtusa’s Integration of Adobe Experience Manager and Yext Site Search

With the help of a few partners, the bank transformed its website and reduced unnecessary support call volume by 70%.

Fazoli’s Uses Yext to Triple Online Sales

Fazoli's sees 3.6x growth in online sales after kicking off a Yext-assisted digital transformation.

Cox Communications Provides Direct Answers to Customer Questions With Yext

Using Yext Search, Cox Communications experienced a 51% increase in site search conversion rate and a 59% decrease in repeat on-site searches.