The most in-depth insights in the industry

Yext Analytics provides customizable dashboards and reports that give you the insights you need, when you need them. Unify your data across digital channels for a clear view of your brands’ locations performance in one platform.

Unmatched performance with Yext

Make impactful, data-driven decisions

Build and share reports that inform corporate stakeholders and empower local managers to accelerate customer engagement and improve their local digital performance.

Boost local SEO performance

Stay informed and make smarter decisions with the most in-depth metrics in the industry. Use keyword insights to detect competitors, benchmark against them, and improve your rank.

Track and benchmark your brand over time

Understand your local competitive keyword and ratings position with top-tier analytics. Gain insights from post- and page-level metrics and reputation reporting to track brand engagement over time.

Easily customize your data experience

Customize Yext's dashboards to fit your needs, and have reports of what you want to see, when you need to see it. Choose the metrics that matter, then share your data via Report Builder, BI tools, and more.

Key Features


Yext Analytics unifies data sources to give you a clear view of your brand's performance at corporate, regional, and local levels, enabling data-driven decisions and effective performance tracking.

Yext Analytics leverages keyword insights to detect competitors, benchmark against them, and provide actionable recommendations to improve your local SEO ranking.

Yext backfills historical data for Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Apple. Yext does not currently support historical data backfills for other publishers not listed.

Yes. Yext makes it easy to provide notifications, reporting, and dashboards to your key stakeholders - whether it's via email or downloadable reports - PDF, excel, or csv.

For first-party Yext data, most data is refreshed either in real-time or aggregated and updated daily. For data that Yext collects from third-party publishers, the refresh time varies by publisher.

Yext Summit: a virtual event that will provide insights to elevate your marketing strategy and stand out in the changing digital landscape.