Build Amazing AI Search Experiences on the Yext Answers Platform

Yext gives your organization a platform to help deliver AI search experiences based on natural language. With the Yext platform, you can build and deliver search, web, and 3rd party experiences for marketing, support, ecommerce, workplace, and anything else your developers can dream up.

Build your own enterprise knowledge graph.

Push your structured data to 3rd party search engines.

Leverage our natural language search algorithms to build amazing AI search experiences.

Build search-optimized web pages, built for conversion and scale.

The Answers Platform

Yext's platform is built on a Knowledge Graph and provides your administrators and developers with the tools that they need to build your own amazing AI search experiences. Learn more about Yext's features and functionality below.

Knowledge Graph

The foundation of your natural language experiences starts with how your data is stored. That's why Yext experiences are built on a Knowledge Graph, your own brain-like database that is structured with real-world entities and their relationships. Building out your own Knowledge Graph is easy with a ton of integration options, and is easily structured in the way that best fits your brand and your use cases.

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Build amazing AI search experiences based on natural language understanding and using a multi-algorithm approach. From backend configuration to frontend customization, Answers provides the tools you need to answer your users questions on your website, in your app, or anywhere else people are searching.

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Pages provides brands around the world with all the tools they need to build their own SEO-ready landing pages. Yext's pages are designed to capture traffic and drive conversions for your business. Whether you are a developer or line of business user, the Yext platform includes a number of advanced collaboration options, built-in developer tools, and an easy to use interface.

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In addition to the first-party experiences you can build on the Yext platform, Yext also boasts a network of ~200 third-party publishers to push your brand's data to. Powered by dual-sync direct integrations, you can showcase rich content like name/address/phone number, as well as images, publisher-specific fields, and more.

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Reviews are a critical source of feedback for your brand, a space to engage with your users, and an area that provides a significant impact on search. Yext provides the tools to: monitor & analyze reviews, respond to reviews using a number of intelligent response methods, and generate first-party reviews for your locations, people, products, and more.

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The perfect AI search experiences are never complete, and actionable insights are critical to optimize your experience. Yext unifies data sources from across the web to bring you an actionable view of your customer interactions. From your website, search, reviews, and third-party listings, Yext can help you get an understanding of how to optimize your user experience.

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Platform Resources

Developer Tools
Building with Yext is fast and scalable
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Integrate and build custom apps, search experiences, account configuration and more.
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Compliance and Security
WCAG, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliance, authentication, enterprise-grade security, encryption, and global data centers
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Pre-built Integrations

Explore the integrations that help you deliver cutting-edge AI search experiences with Yext

Knowledge Network

Power listings for your locations, professionals, menus, events, and more on top third-party search platforms.

Amazon Alexa
App Directory Integrations

Use Yext's pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to power your search experiences.

Google Data Studio
WordPress Answers Connector
Salesforce Service Cloud
Tableau Connector
Workato: Advanced Integrations
Magento Product Catalog Sync
Shopify Product Catalog Sync

One Platform. Multiple Solutions. Limitless Answers.

A great search experience is key to a great brand experience — on and off your website. Answer customers' questions and convert more business across digital channels with AI\-powered marketing solutions from Yext.

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Answer support questions before they become support tickets. Streamline the resolution process with Yext's modern, AI\-powered customer support solutions.

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Build on the Yext platform for a fully custom AI search experience — fast. With SDKs, APIs, and robust documentation, the Yext Answers platform provides the building blocks to create a bespoke search experience.

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Create an intuitive ecommerce search and discovery experience so you can meet your customers with direct answers every step of the way. Streamline the digital customer journey and turn your website into a conversion engine with AI\-powered ecommerce solutions from Yext.

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Employees need company information to do their jobs. Make it easy, fast, and fun to find with AI\-powered workplace search solutions from Yext.

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Thousands of brands deliver AI search experiences with Yext