The Answers Platform

For over 15 years, thousands of organizations worldwide have used The Answers Platform™ to create seamless content-driven experiences at scale across search engines, websites, mobile apps, and hundreds of other digital touchpoints.

Collect and organize your brand's content.

Push your structured data to 3rd party search engines.

Leverage our natural language search algorithms to build amazing search experiences.

Build search-optimized web pages, built for conversion and scale.

Perfect answers everywhere.

The Answers Platform collects and organizes content into Yext Content, then leverages a complementary set of products — including Listings, Pages, Reviews, and Search — to deliver relevant, actionable information wherever people ask questions about a business.

Graphic listing the name of the components that make up The Answers Platform - Pages, Listings, Content, Search, Analytics, Connectors, Reviews

The foundation of your natural language experiences starts with how your content is stored. That's why Yext experiences are built on Yext Content, a next-generation headless CMS structured with real-world entities and their relationships. Building out your own CMS is easy with a ton of integration options and a customizable schema that allows you to structure your content in the way that best fits your brand and your use cases.

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Build amazing AI-powered search experiences based on natural language understanding and using a multi-algorithm approach. From backend configuration to frontend customization, Search provides the tools you need to answer your users questions on your website, in your app, or anywhere else people are searching.

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Pages is the complete development toolbox for content editors and developers to build high performance web pages at scale. Pages powers global brands that need websites to capture traffic and drive conversions. The state-of-the-art streaming static generation infrastructure allows your teams to build ridiculously fast and user-friendly websites. For performance, ease-of-use, and scalability, Pages is the go-to framework for modern enterprises.

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In addition to the first-party experiences you can build on the Yext platform, Yext also boasts a network of ~200 third-party publishers to push your brand's data to. Powered by dual-sync direct integrations, you can showcase rich content like name/address/phone number, as well as images, publisher-specific fields, and more.

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Reviews are a critical source of feedback for your brand, a space to engage with your users, and an area that provides a significant impact on search. Yext provides the tools to: monitor & analyze reviews, respond to reviews using a number of intelligent response methods, and generate first-party reviews for your locations, people, products, and more.

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Deliver an LLM-powered chatbot that answers users' questions based on your content, collects user inputs, and performs configured tasks. Spend your limited time on strategic initiatives, not conversations that could be automated.

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The perfect AI-powered search experiences are never complete, and actionable insights are critical to optimize your experience. Yext unifies data sources from across the web to bring you an actionable view of your customer interactions. From your website, search, reviews, and third-party listings, Yext can help you get an understanding of how to optimize your user experience.

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Manage and amplify your brand's social presence across a variety of 3rd party sites like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Create, respond, and track performance without leaving our all-in-one platform.

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Product Features

Pre-built Integrations

Explore the integrations that help you deliver cutting-edge AI search experiences with Yext

Publisher Network

Power listings for your locations, professionals, menus, events, and more on top third-party search platforms.

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App Directory Integrations

Use Yext's pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to power your search experiences.

Shopify Product Connectors
Tableau Analytics App
Google Looker Studio
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Workato: Advanced Integrations
Yext Search for Salesforce
Yext Search for ServiceNow

One Platform. Multiple Solutions. Limitless Answers.

Drive revenue and delight customers

Transform site visitors into customers and learn more about what matters most to them with a dynamic AI site search on your website.

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Capture and convert more local business with location listings. Turn maps, GPS apps, and local directories into your best marketing channel.

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Your online reputation can win or lose you business. Generate, manage, and respond to reviews at scale with Reputation Management from Yext.

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Empower customers and agents to self-serve

Enable customers to find instant answers to their support questions via FAQs, guides, tutorials, videos, ebooks, manuals, and more

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Decrease case creation by recommending related content based on the issue being raised - right within the case submission form.

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Resolve cases in record time with agent desktop search. Empower agents to drive faster case resolution as they troubleshoot customer issues at scale.

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Answer your customers’ questions before they even reach your help site by improving your ranking and presence in search.

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Deliver a seamless experience with in-app support. Allowing customers to seek help right within your app makes for a superior user experience.

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Build custom experiences fast

Build on the Yext platform for a fully custom AI search experience — fast. With SDKs, APIs, and robust documentation, the Yext Answers Platform provides the building blocks to create a bespoke search experience.

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Increase sales

Connect customers with relevant products, services and experiences from search to checkout.

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Yext Pages has powerful tools to let you confidently launch, manage, and scale your business, by building stunning detailed product pages that capture high-intent traffic.

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Boost your local online presence with Yext's local landing pages. Easily create and manage customized pages for each of your business locations, complete with accurate information, photos, and calls to action. Attract more customers and drive more sales with Yext's local landing pages.

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Create an in-person sales experience online that available 24/7. Guide your customers towards the right products or services that align with their individual needs.

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Make it easier for customers to find your products by connecting your physical and digital storefront.

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Tailor product data in bulk to easily update information wherever customers shop your inventory.

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Effectively manage all of your product data in one place and easily share details to third-party marketplaces.

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Build shopping excitement and trust that fosters more purchases.

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Turn each interaction into a long-lasting relationship by connecting better with shoppers at every step of their customer journey

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Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

Employees need company information to do their jobs. Make it easy, fast, and fun to find with AI-powered workplace search solutions from Yext.

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Thousands of brands deliver AI-powered search experiences with Yext

Product Features

See how Yext can help you deliver answers — wherever people search — so you can grow your business.