Supercharge Discovery and Conversion with Yext Commerce Solutions

Create an intuitive e-commerce search and discovery experience so you can deliver direct answers to your customers every step of the way.

Turn your website into a conversion engine and streamline the digital customer journey with AI-powered Commerce solutions from Yext.

Avoid Replatforming and Deliver Personalised Experiences with Yext Commerce Solutions

Do you really know what’s happening on your website?

Ecommerce Search

Deliver seamless, consistent search experiences and support personalised shopper journeys that drive more purchases

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Landing Pages

Improve discoverability with search-optimised landing pages for products, FAQ, loyalty programmes, locations and more.

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Guided Buying Flow

Match shoppers with the most relevant product, service and educational content for a guided search experience.

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Where to Buy

Help shoppers easily find products both on and off your site with accurate store listings information.

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PIM for Everything

Tailor product data in bulk to easily update information wherever customers shop your inventory.

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Product Feeds

Effectively manage all of your product data in one place and easily share details with third-party marketplaces.

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Product Reviews

Increase engagement and product credibility by monitoring, responding and generating reviews for all of your products in one place.

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Conversational Commerce

Foster customer relationships by connecting at every step of the shopping journey.

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Invest in technology that pays off


of online shoppers said detailed product descriptions was a key feature of a well‑designed and functional shopping experience*


Customers who search are more likely to convert thanks to rich, interactive experiences and relevant results**


of e-commerce site users rely on onsite search for more than just finding products***

The Answers Platform

Explore the integrations and platform features that help you deliver cutting-edge search experiences with Yext Commerce Solutions.


Use Yext's pre-built integrations with all the business tools and services you trust to enable your ecommerce search and discovery experiences.

Site Search for Acquia

Your single source of truth online for the many public facts about your brand. Whether it's information about a product offering, store location, job opening, or professional credentials, you'll be able to provide people with actionable answers to the questions they're already asking.

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Create and manage integrations with one user-friendly tool

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Dynamic filters that update based on a customer's search

Uses neural networks to understand the true meaning behind the query and maps the most relevant results from the Knowledge Graph

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Strategic application of several Yext-built algorithms to optimise performance across different types of data and queries

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Powerful low-code WYSIWYG visual editor to help merchandisers design and optimise your brands storefront while gaining instant insights on your customers, products and promotions.

Search analytics and conversions tracked, including actionable dashboards and custom report building

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