Search Analytics

Search analytics and Conversion Tracking are available out of the box, so you can easily see how Search is driving clicks and conversions, increasing discoverability, and reducing support costs. Users can view analytics in digestible dashboards or build custom reports within the platform. Plus, report notifications send analytics directly to relevant users so you can easily meet your stakeholders' diverse reporting needs.
Real Time Analytics Dashboard
The Search Overview screen contains visualizations of the most relevant Analytics metrics for an experience. These metrics help strategically improve the search experience and highlight its value. View searches, searches that matched results from your Knowledge Graph, clicks, and total value associated with engagement, plus snapshots of what recent users searched for and clicked on.
Conversion Tracking
Built-in Conversion Tracking tools track the clicks and conversions that can be attributed to your Search experience (plus Listings and Pages). You determine which customer actions constitute a conversion so you can understand the various Yext-powered experiences a user touches during their search journey. Click-based and tag-based conversion actions help you follow Yext-driven conversions — even if they occur on a non-Yext page.
Search Term Analysis
Review your Search Logs or easily analyze search trends and evaluate search quality with Yext's built-in Search Terms screen that normalizes query strings (for things like capitalization, leading and trailing whitespace, and punctuation) into a list of truly unique search terms sorted by popularity to see what users are really searching for. You can score the relevance of entities returned for each search term, assign statuses and labels, and leave notes to quickly provide feedback on search results.
Search Term Clustering
Automatically group together Search Terms with similar meaning to easily analyze the questions consumers are asking. This machine learning tool groups clusters by size and performance to optimize search experiences at scale. For example, a restaurant's relatively few searches for terms like "check my balance" and "gift card balance" could individually be overlooked, but when grouped, it's clear that users want to know more about gift card balances.

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Delight customers and drive revenue.

Transform site visitors into customers and learn more about what matters most to them with a dynamic AI site search on your website.
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Capture and convert more local business with location listings. Turn maps, GPS apps, and local directories into your best marketing channel.
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Your online reputation can win or lose you business. Generate, manage, and respond to reviews at scale with Reputation Management from Yext.
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Empower customers and agents to self-serve.

Enable customers to find instant answers to their support questions via FAQs, guides, tutorials, videos, ebooks, manuals, and more
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Decrease case creation by recommending related content based on the issue being raised - right within the case submission form.
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Resolve cases in record time with agent desktop search. Empower agents to drive faster case resolution as they troubleshoot customer issues at scale.
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Answer your customers’ questions before they even reach your help site by improving your ranking and presence in search.
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Deliver a seamless experience with in-app support. Allowing customers to seek help right within your app makes for a superior user experience.
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Supercharge discovery and conversion.

Create an intuitive eCommerce search and discovery experience so you can deliver direct answers to your customers every step of the way.

Turn your website into a conversion engine and streamline the digital customer journey with AI-powered Commerce solutions from Yext.

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Boost employee productivity and satisfaction.

Employees need company information to do their jobs. Make it easy, fast, and fun to find with AI-powered workplace search solutions from Yext.
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Build a world-class search experience.

Build on the Yext platform for a fully custom AI search experience — fast. With SDKs, APIs, and robust documentation, the Yext Answers Platform provides the building blocks to create a bespoke search experience.
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