Webinar Recap: Don’t Forget About the Data: The Impact of Mergers, Acquisitions & Rebrands in Healthcare

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Mergers, acquisitions, and rebrands are confronting almost all health systems in the country, and can be a nightmare to manage both internally and externally.

Ensuring that your health systems’ online data is accurate and up-to-date everywhere patients search has become imperative, and must be a part of any marketing strategy — especially when going through a rebrand or merging with another healthcare organization.

Yext’s Head of Healthcare, Carrie Liken and UC Health’s Brand Director, Kim Vecchio recently hosted a webinar on the importance of managing this online data, including best practices on how to locate, identify, and control this data to ensure searching patients always find your brand. During the webinar, attendees learned:

  • The steps you should take to manage system mergers, acquisitions, and rebrands to ensure your digital data isn’t forgotten about
  • How to map your health systems’ physical and digital touchpoints so patients find you no matter where they search
  • Best practices for building a strong foundation for your brand offline and online

Watch the full webinar now, and don’t let bad data deter patients from discovering your healthcare brand.

We also encourage you to download our Digital Touchpoint Checklist, which will help you focus on the most important data touch points to add to your health system’s rebrand plan.

Don’t let bad data deter patients from discovering your healthcare brand. Watch the webinar.

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