Jeffrey K. Rohrs Explores the Evolution of Marketing on The New New Thing Podcast

Jeffrey Rohrs

Yext CMO, Jeffrey K. Rohrs, recently explored artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and the importance of digital knowledge management on The New New Thing Podcast.

The New New Thing’s mission is to pursue truth and transparency in marketing. The company works with industry leaders to both inspire and provide guidance for digital marketers across the globe. It’s podcast is hosted by R. J. Talyor, editor-in-chief of The New New Thing, Liz Prugh, managing editor of The New New Thing, and Despi Ross, VP of Customer Experience at High Alpha.

During their conversation,the group discussed the challenges with marketing AI, the balance of technology and people when it comes to marketing, as well as the need for businesses to monitor and manage their online information in order to reach searching consumers.

Additionally, the group examined why it is crucial for marketers to look at the media in which they’re marketing through and using to reach prospective customers.

“Ensure that you have good diversity and challenge some of your assumptions,” says Jeffrey. “Because you are not necessarily your customer. They could be using very different media, and you are not marketing to yourself, you are marketing to them. You need to align accordingly.”

Listen to the full podcast to hear what Jeffrey has to say.


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