Rev Ciancio Examines AI, Structured Data & Brand Knowledge on Marketing Disenchanted

Rev Ciancio

Yext’s Director of Partner Marketing, Rev Ciancio, recently examined the importance of structured data, the rise of AI, and beyond on the Marketing Disenchanted Podcast.

Established for the marketing community by consultant Temitayo (Temi) Osinubi, Marketing Disenchanted hosts guests and influencers from the across the B2B, B2C, and digital marketing communities.

As a branding and digital strategist with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, Rev has led numerous clients to new levels of success in the hospitality, financial service, and entertainment sectors. During his conversation with Temi, Rev touched upon his career path, including his work in radio broadcasting and the fact that he sent the very first email blast — via AOL — in the history of the music business.

Rev also discussed the rise of marketing automation and its potential to put marketers out of a job.

“I think there’s going to be room for a lot of people to have jobs,” says Rev. “There will never be a point in which AI can have the gut or the creativity that a human can. There’s going to be room for people to creatively think about how to use AI, and there will be tons of room for people who know how to harness AI.”

Rev and Temi also chatted about the importance of accurate, structured data as it relates to search queries. No longer are consumers seeing ten blue links on page, but instead they’re getting single, direct answers in the form of Knowledge Cards and maps.

“As a business, if your data is not correct, or structured in a way that the publisher networks want to see it, you’re in a bad place,” says Rev. “Structured data and brand knowledge is integral to the way the internet works today and is going to become more integral moving forward.”

Listen to the full podcast now to hear what Rev has to say.


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