Duane Forrester Gives Closing Keynote at State of Search

state of search duane forrester

As search moves from desktop and mobile to AI, voice, and other intelligent services, the industry must keep up to reach prospective customers. We recently sponsored State of Search in Dallas to discuss the intelligent future and the changes search will see in the years ahead.

Designed for in-house marketing teams, agencies, and big brands, State of Search covers industry topics such as digital marketing strategies, the importance of structured data, voice search, and much more.

state of search yext

Members of the Yext team meet with conference attendees and discuss the importance of digital knowledge management.

During the event, our own VP of Industry Insights, Duane Forrester gave the Closing Keynote address, where he explained the importance of digital knowledge and how managing (or not managing) it appropriately can affect what consumers see in search. Insights into Voice Search, Augmented Reality, mobile growth along with discrete tactics to align for success were all shared.

duane forrester state of search

Duane Forrester gives the Closing Keynote at State of Search 2017.

Duane explained that as technology evolves, so too do the responsibilities and opportunities for brands. In today’s world of structured data — maps, knowledge cards, and specific answers — search engines need the most accurate data from the most authoritative sources, and this has ultimately created a brand new career opportunity for today’s search marketer — that of the Digital Knowledge Manager.

Along with this, Duane also discussed how to forge this new career path, and the traits and responsibilities that come along with maintaining digital knowledge across the myriad of entities it lives.


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