Webinar: How to Grow your Business with Yext Knowledge Tags

yext knowledge tags webinar

Intelligent services are changing the way consumers interact with your clients’ businesses. These services rely on rich, accurate data about your clients, so that they can provide the best answers and experience to searching consumers.

With Yext Knowledge Tags, you can make your clients’ websites intelligent so they become the best source of data for the digital services of today and tomorrow. As your partner, Yext is constantly developing technology that helps you drive business for your clients.

On Tuesday, December 12 from 12:00-1:00PM ET, join Yext’s own Duane Forrester (VP of Industry Insights), Nick Oropall (Product Marketing Manager), and Rev Ciancio (Director of Partner Marketing) for a webinar to learn about growing your business with Yext Knowledge Tags and to see a live demo. You will also learn:

  • The benefits of schema.org markup
  • How Yext Knowledge Tags work
  • How to package Yext Knowledge Tags as a service
  • How to help intelligent services easily index the information that lives directly on your clients’ website

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