Heard at ONWARD: The 5P’s of Marketing Artificial Intelligence

AI is already being used broadly within marketing for targeting and personalization. But AI is also being used for creative tasks as well, including writing blog posts and designing logos. Are we being replaced? What does this new frontier look like?

At ONWARD 17, we welcomed PR 20/20 Founder Paul Roetzer to the stage where he discussed the “5Ps” of Marketing: planning, production, personalization, promotion, and performance and their relationship to the world of AI and intelligent services. While some people fear AI, it truly is hiding in plain sight. Roetzer pointed out that our lives are “already machine-assisted” and that soon, “our marketing will be too.” As we look to the future, AI enhances what we are capable of doing, but the strategy will largely be driven by humans.

This session also gave ONWARD guests a framework to visualize and understand the current and future potential of AI in marketing, and idealized on potential future career paths. 


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