Meet the Yexter: Lexi Bohonnon, Senior Director, Sales Engineering


Lexi Bohonnon doesn’t spend much time at Yext headquarters. Most days, she’s on the road visiting clients — listening to their needs and helping them determine how best to utilize the platform’s capabilities. “Sales engineering fits in between client services and sales,” Lexi explains. “We help prospects realize value in the Yext platform in the context of their business. We dive into their architecture to get a sense of how they manage their data today and then help articulate how Yext could fit in.”

Lexi majored in sociology and philosophy at Colby College. After graduation, she went to work at a large tech corporation as a systems integration consultant. “I was based in D.C. working mostly on big federal projects, integrating different databases for government agencies,” she says.

Tech consultant may not seem like an obvious career choice for someone just out of school with a liberal arts degree, but recruiters understood the potential. “They recognized that many of the traits of successful consultants are really more strategic and analytical — more liberal arts oriented skills.”

She spent a few years in this position, until a friend recruited her to join Yext, where she started on the enterprise client services team. At Yext, Lexi quickly saw the need for sales engineering, and eventually founded the sales engineering team — and now leads the group in North America.

Lexi is enthusiastic about the many opportunities available to people of all academic and professional backgrounds at Yext. ”What’s interesting and nuanced about Yext is that we’re creating a new market,” she explains. “We’re doing a lot for the first time, so we value people who can think big — and who are willing to jump right in, learn as they go, and get stuff done. Often, the stereotype with fast-growing companies is that you risk losing your nucleus. But what I love about Yext is that we’ve been able to maintain those core values and principles, yet challenge them to grow and scale with every new hire, all of whom bring incredible experience and insights from their personal careers.”

For a look at Lexi’s day-to-day life as a Yexter, visit her profile on The Muse.

Want to join the Yext team? Learn more about our Senior Sales Engineer role, and check out the rest of our open positions to find the right fit for your talents and experience.

Want to join the Yext team? Learn more about our open positions to find the right fit for your talents and experience.

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