Rev It Up: Introducing Rev Ciancio, Director of Small Business Success

Rev Ciancio is here to help you get the most out of your Yext subscription — and ultimately help you grow your business through marketing. Before coming to Yext, Rev was the owner of an agency that successfully helped small businesses with local marketing. He also used to own a bar and restaurant in New York City, so he knows exactly what it’s like to operate a small business.

Over his 20+ year career, he has managed business development, digital marketing, and social media strategies for a wide range of entertainment and hospitality companies. When not preaching the gospel of Digital Knowledge Management, you can find Rev discussing the virtues of what makes a truly great hamburger — along with local business marketing tips — on his Instagram account @revciancio.

So ask Rev anything you like. You can ask him how to get the most of out of using Yext. You can ask for his tips on reputation management. You can ask him for Instagram marketing tips. You can even ask him where to get a great burger.

From time to time we’ll post your questions and Rev’s answers on our blog and in our Yext small business newsletter.

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