Amazon Adds Spanish-Language Alexa Experience for US Users


Amazon recently announced that it has started a preview program that will help it build a Spanish-language Alexa experience for users in the United States. The invite-only program will enable Amazon to provide a better, and more nuanced experience for US Spanish-language customers — taking into account things like word choice and local humor.

The company is also expanding the Alexa Skills Kit to include Spanish in the US. Until now, Alexa only supported Spanish-language Skills in Spain and Mexico, not in the US.

Instituto Cervantes reports that the US has the second highest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, following Mexico. 71% of voice assistant users already use voice to ask direct questions and perform specific searches, and this update will likely make voice search more useful to this segment of consumers who have yet to become regular voice search users.

Now, we’re looking forward to the day when Alexa can understand more accents.

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