Yext Launches New Certified Partner Program

Today, Yext announced the creation of a new Certified Partner Program, designed to help partners grow their business by bringing PowerListings to their clients.  The program was outlined earlier today to existing partners through this 15-minute webinar.


The webinar introduces the program and outlines key areas and features including the new branded listings scan, which allows Certified Partners to change the colors, logos, and contact information associated with the business listings scan.  The enhanced listings scan can also now be emailed or printed directly from the results page so that our Certified Partners can forward or share the results with prospects.

The Certified Partner program is an expansion of Yext’s reseller program, bringing training, support, tools, and new rates to Certified Partners.  There is a brief certification process that each partner must complete in order to get certified.  Yext has a team of trainers and an online curriculum to ensure that every partner becomes a Yext Certified Partner.

The 15-minute webinar also outlines how to get Yext Certified.  You can also apply online here.

Thanks for listening!

  • Pashmina

    Thanks for launching this program. We’re excited to be a part of it, and wish you a lot of success and hope you keeping expanding to include more directories.

    A couple suggestions from having now used the interface regularly:
    - a quick link/button on top to the Reseller button would be nice. (perhaps the Yext logo since that and Location go to the same place currently)
    - a clear path for support, and clear path within support to make specific requests. I don’t know who or how to contact someone to submit a listings that aren’t being suppressed or synced correctly.

  • Mike Mancuso

    We recently because certified partners and have been thrilled with the entire process! The information was laid out in a very easy to understand, concise format and really helped us explore all of the resources for resellers.

    Now that we have the ability to resell Yext it is going to become a major part of our SEO offerings!