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Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores and Yext Win Retail TouchPoints’ Customer Engagement Award For Online Review Innovation

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Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores and Yext today announced that they have won a Customer Engagement Award from Retail TouchPoints for their innovative online reviews program. Retail TouchPoints’ award recognizes retailers who are leading the pack in implementing new and creative customer engagement strategies to deliver on the promise of customer-centricity.

The custom program integrates Yext’s online review monitoring technology with SHOS’ “Say Yes” initiative, created to do whatever it takes to fix customer problems and issues. This first-of-its-kind program allows SHOS to better track and respond to online reviews, which retailers often miss or ignore, to build stronger relationships with customers.

“Unlike most retailers who silo online reviews into a separate social category, we chose to make online reviews a key part of our customer service strategy,” notes David Buckley, CMO of Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores. “We are excited that the industry is recognizing our progressive approach to customer service, leveraging technology to improve engagement with customers at the local level.”

“At Yext we love working with innovative partners like SHOS who are committed to building long-term relationships” said Wendi Sturgis, Yext EVP Sales & Services. “The combination of our review monitoring technology with their ‘Say Yes’ initiative allows SHOS to do what matters most: create great experiences for customers.”

Read the full press release here.

Localization of the Enterprise

Some business are big, some are small. Some have strong national brands, others are local favorites. But every business needs to have its own personality and stake within its community to succeed. What we’re seeing is a shift in marketing: the localization of the enterprise.

Localization will mean local content matched to local media and searches; localized marketing strategies will have to be able to leverage local experts to be as fast and flexible as the market.

Let’s say, for example, Walmart has fresh locally grown strawberries in stock. Since strawberries have a very short shelf life, that store needs to make sure people know that those strawberries are there right now.

There simply isn’t time to create rich local content, route it through a centralized marketing team, and then send it back to local sources for print, display and more.

What if, instead, the local store manager or regional director could make marketing decisions?

Our CEO, Howard Lerman, recently discussed this very issue in a column on Street Fight. Check out the full article and join the conversation.

How to Capture Holiday Search Traffic for Your Business

We all know people’s searches change with the season – and when they want to buy now, those searches are local.  In the summer they are looking for for beach chairs and swimwear; then around the holidays they are looking for gifts and decorations. Even though their interests and behaviors adapt to the weather, search remains the tool of choice.

Usually, customers making local searches often don’t have a specific store in mind and are instead looking for categories of businesses in the results.  37% of apparel buyers search for categories rather than specific terms, brands, or retailers.

Consumers make the bulk of their annual purchases around the holidays, so we we used ComScore to see what exactly customers are searching for:

  • “Holiday” and “Holidays” queries peak in December, with almost 580,000 searches, dropping to just 92,000 in January.
  • “Holiday Gifts” only receives a surge in search traffic starting in October and drops off in January annually. “Gifts” queries double from November to December.
  • “Deal” spikes in December as consumers look for gifts for family and friends. Search volume remains high into January after the holidays when customers are purchasing gifts for themselves.
  • “Gift Card” or “Gift Cards” are searched 3x as much in December as in September. The combined search volume is significantly higher than “Gifts” and “Holiday Gifts”.
  • “Holiday Decorations” is only searched from September to January.
  • The average person searches for “Shipping” 3.22 times in January, compared to 1.34 times in December. Is your business prepared for gift returns?

The best way for your customers to find your business in local search is to use categories with your listings to capture the search traffic. Only 43% of business owners associate their listings with a range of related categories, so it’s a competitive advantage for your business.

Based on the search volume from ComScore, more specific terms are more effective. So be sure to choose targeted categories or groups for your listings. For example, try “Hanukkah Decorations” instead of “Decorations”. To capture the larger audience, instead select more than one specific category.

As search terms change throughout the year, so should your listing categories. So update your listing categories for the holidays to capture the most local search traffic and generate sales before the season ends.

Last-Minute Tips for Preparing Your Locations for the Holiday Season

Whether you are preparing for Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, this holiday shopping season is predicted to break records. By January, consumers are expected to spend $586.1 billion and more than 85% of those dollars will flow in-store.

Alison Paul, vice chairman and US retail & distribution sector leader at Deloitte, says “[r]etailers that integrate the power of the sensory experience in-store with relevant, timely information via their websites and mobile applications are well-positioned to lead the way this holiday season.”

So make sure your stores are prepared this holiday shopping season by updating your location information using these tips.

Capitalize on intent-driven research
For most consumers, holiday shopping research will be on more devices (and therefore more often) than ever this year. Whether it’s showrooming or just browsing when they are out, 46% of people use smartphones to do research on deals and sales before making a purchase in the store.

When their next search is for store information, they are clearly intent on visiting the store and are more engaged with the business information and content.  Correct and updated location information (i.e. address, phone number, opening hours, deals) help them find you.

Help travelers find you
Last year nearly 20 million Americans traveled during the holiday season. With so many customers transplanted from out-of-town, incorrect information about your store could mean a missed sale.

In fact, when comparison shopping, customers may not just be looking for a particular store but for several options.  By updating your addresses, phones and opening hours not only on your website but on listings across the internet, you can stay top of mind when the shopping trips are being planned.

Extend your hours and expand your visibility
You know that extended shopping hours for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the holiday season accommodate your customers’ schedules to help drive more sales. But, they are only useful if your customers know about them.

Update your opening and closing hours where people are looking as they prepare for shopping trips. The average shopper consults 8 different sources, so it is important that the data is consistent across all listings – not just your website.

Broadcast your deals
As a result of pre-holiday deals, the holiday shopping season is beginning earlier and ending later – and consumers are more deal-hungry than ever.  Last year, 41.4% of consumers made their first purchase before November 1st, and 23% will continue to shop even after December 25th.

As your deals change throughout the season and from store to store, be sure to communicate them with your customers everywhere they are looking, including on your website and online listings.

The Local Web for Brands [infographic]

The local web is incredibly important for small business owners. Nowadays you recommend a business by “liking” it on Facebook, leaving a review on Yelp or checking in on Foursquare. Businesses attract customers with Groupons instead of coupons, and mobile devices are predicted to overtake PCs as the most common web access device by 2013.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that small businesses are the only ones that can benefit from this local web revolution. The following infographic shows how a localized online presence can help brand’s engage with customers, improve customer loyalty and differentiate their brand among the competition. [The Local Web]

Download the infographic here.

Want to see how your business looks online. Check for free here!

local web infographic

Introducing PowerListings Turbo!

turbo flameWhen we launched PowerListings last April, we knew we’d built a really good product.  Today, with over 35,000 subscriptions, we’re unveiling a complete game changer.

I am proud to announce that Yext has launched the next generation local information network called PowerListings Turbo. With Turbo, large and small businesses can instantly update their information in local search results on dozens of partner web and mobile properties.  It’s not just basic info – now, you can post photos, specials, hours, videos and more and watch them update at blazing speeds on every site in our Turbo network.

Turbo is a significant technical achievement and we commend each of our 24 launch partners on their collaboration with Yext to make this possible.

Getting end users the best local information starts with giving businesses and easy way to quickly update their listings everywhere, and Turbo is a leap forward in making this possible.

If you’d like to learn more, join us for the PowerListings Turbo webinar today at 1:30PM. is the MSNBC Your Business ‘Website of the Week’

MSNBC has picked Yext as its Website of the Week! In the segment MSNBC discusses the difficulty a business owner may face trying to keep track of all their business listings. Need to correct your information, post pictures and track views…well there’s a service for that ;) In case you weren’t up at the crack of dawn and missed the segment, you can watch it below!

Do you know how your business listings look online? You can check for free here.


Are you starting to lose track of your business listings posted on the web? If so, you might want to check out our website of the week. puts businesses in control of their listings on dozens of sites like Superpages and Yelp. Using Yext PowerListings you can correct your business’s profile, post pictures and get tracking reports. Service packages range for thirteen to thirty four dollars a month.

Update Your Business Listings Instantly with the PowerListings iPhone App

PowerListings iPhone app

After the earthquake we saw some great examples of businesses taking advantage of real-time marketing. At Yext, we recognize how important it can be for a business to be able to adapt its marketing campaigns in order to take advantage of certain events or occurrences. Because of this, we allow PowerListings users the ability to update their Special Offers and photos instantly on participating network sites.

At first, users were only able to do this on the web, but now, updating your PowerListings just got a whole lot easier with the PowerListings iPhone app.

If you have been following us recently, you might have already seen some glimpse of the iPhone app. Well, it’s finally here! Download it now from the App Store if you are a PowerListings customer.

With this app, business owners can now manage their listings, update special offers and upload photos all from the convenience of their iPhone. By utilizing technical integrations we’ve established with a number of network partners, users can update special offers and upload photos and see the changes take place on partner sites practically instantaneously. Want to snap a pic of a new product you’re having a special on? Just a couple taps on your iPhone and your customers will know about the deal! Now you can be ready for the next big real-time marketing opportunity. Can you say Irene?

When I was designing and building Yext’s PowerListings app, I focused on the most important features for business owners constantly on the go. The interface is extremely simple and designed to help us with our mission of making business listings simple. Just as real-time social media is becoming important to local businesses, updating your business listings from your phone will soon become commonplace as well.

Check out the screen shots below, and if you’re an iPhone using PowerListings customer try out the app. If you enjoy it, please give it 5 stars!