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Introducing Pages

Pages KV

2014 is the year mobile search is expected to surpass desktop search.  Since over half of mobile searches are local, this means GeoMarketers have a huge opportunity to reach customers in organic search.  

To help GeoMarketers reach even more local customers, today Yext is announcing Pages, a new product that allows marketers to easily create a store page site from local data and content already in Yext.  It’s Store Pages, ready right out of the box – and they work even better when integrated with your Listings.

Pages allows GeoMarketers to easily create web and mobile pages for each of their locations – in one directory site.  Powered by cutting-edge technology with built in SEO, you’ll be up and running in no time. All from the local data you already have in Yext.

  • Location Page: Unique websites for locations created with SEO optimization

  • Directory: Location directory build into your current website

  • Landing Page: Extend your campaign to the location level

Best of all, it’s completely integrated with your Listings and Social in the GeoMarketing Cloud, so you will maximize the performance of your local digital presence. Benefit from integrated Listings and Social in your organization and in your SEO.

This might not be the first you’re hearing of Pages. To help spread the news of Pages we created our biggest ever advertising campaign with AdAge and AdWeek.  Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot and our idea for the campaign here.

Yext_AdAge_Cover Adweek_Cover

Your brand’s Listings and Pages work better together.

To learn more about the benefits of an integrated approach to your local presence, please download this complimentary whitepaper by local SEO expert, Andrew Shotland, here.

Pie for Pi Day

Every year on March 14th the world celebrates Pi, one of the most recognized and important mathematical constants in history, and the only appropriate way to honor this mathematical triumph is with a pie feast.

Long table shot

The official celebrations began at 1:59 pm to symbolize the value sequence of Pi (3.14159).

Pie dig-in

Nothing sets the mood like some Pi tunes (Yes, it’s a real thing!)

Pi Tunes

Yexters love their pi(e)!

Ali Penny

uWaterloo Alumni Tech Panel

On Tuesday evening, we opened up our office to uWaterloo co-op students and alumni working in the NYC area. Students gathered in the Yext headquarters to learn more about what it’s like to live and work in the New York tech scene, including jobs, housing, and social life.


Our panelists for the evening included (from left to right):

  • Shinji Kim, Product Manager at YieldMo
  • Matthew Eggertson, R&D Architect at AppNexus
  • Sean MacIsaac, CTO at Yext
  • Rakesh Malhotra, VP of Products at Apprenda
  • Jeromy Carriere, Engineering Director at Google
  • Michael Kane, VP of Product at Betterment


Sean acted as our panel moderator and covered a range of topics throughout the evening. He kicked off the event with a discussion about the differences between working in Canada versus the United States, and then progressed to a comparison of work environments on the East and West coasts. The panelists then transitioned into a conversation about choosing career paths in technology and finished the discussion with advice on how to develop yourself professionally.


Some of the tips that resonated with the audience were:

  • “Try as many things as you can… let it {your passion} find you” -Rakesh M.
  • “Engineering is not going away, it is only going to accelerate” – Sean M.
  • Always find mentors who can help guide you – unanimous

Inside Look at Yext’s Weekly ‘Manifesto’ Meetings

The most anticipated time of the week is when we come together on Friday for an all-hands meeting called ‘Manifesto.’ It’s an opportunity for our growing company (250 employees!) to spend some time together and hear important updates from our leaders, all while enjoying fresh pizza and beer on tap.

Let’s walk through a recent Manifesto so you can see what it’s all about.

 Manifesto_PilingIn2Everybody piles in – standing room only!

Manifesto_Pizza2Did I mention pizza?

Manifesto_BeerTapIt’s been a long week…

Manifesto_SocialYexters catch-up while they wait for the talks to begin

Howard_Blog2Our CEO Howard begins his MC duties

DaphneFinalDaphne, our Director of Business Development, presents her team’s goals for 2014

Tyler_PresentingTyler details some new product implementations

Manifesto_David_PointingDavid from the engineering team demos a new product he’s been working on


Manifesto_Listening It’s always a great way to reconnect and unwind at the end of the week!

Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary On Madison Avenue

This week marks the one-year anniversary of Yext’s move from Chelsea Market to our new offices on Madison Avenue. As we all bundle up inside during this cold January, we can’t help but think back nostalgically to all of the fun we had during our office housewarming party last winter. As you can see below, Yexters love a photobooth!

Yext Housewarming Party

Yext Named #20 on Forbes’ Most Promising Companies List


We have some exciting news to share today: Yext has been named #20 on Forbes’ Most Promising Companies List!

Every year Forbes ranks America’s private companies based on variables such as revenue growth, quality of management team and investors, and market size – and this year we’re proud to be included among other great companies.

It’s been an incredible past few years thanks, in large part, to all of our partners who have joined us along the way.

You can see the full list of Forbes Most Promising Companies here. Also be sure to check out Forbes’ recent feature on Yext’s journey to success.


Adding Citymaps and 7 Publishers to PowerListings Network

When your customers are looking for things and businesses locally they use different sites and tools to find different information. They’re looking for details that distinguish your business from the next based on more than just where it’s located (though that matters, too). And since each site, map or app offers its own context, your business needs to be everywhere.

To help customers find your business on whatever device and service they might be looking, we’re excited to announce eight new publishers in the PowerListings Network: Citymaps, Opendi, YellowPagesGoesGreen, Citybot, ABLocal, Pointcom, VoteForTheBest, 2findlocal!


Citymaps is the world’s first social map.  Described as the “Pinterest for Places,” Citymaps is the fastest and easiest way to make maps of your favorite places, see your friends’ maps, and check out personal maps by celebs and publishers.  Discover the best places around you, wherever you are.  The award-winning logo map covers 15mm places in America — including real-time Instagram photos, menus, tips, navigation, and directions.

We’re excited to partner with Citymaps, another NYC startup right up the road from our office.


Opendi is a local directory that contains over 6 million local businesses across the globe. Along with their business pages, there are thousands of reviews to help searchers find exactly what they are looking for.


YellowPagesGoesGreen provides an environmentally friendly search engine while supporting the green movement and promoting awareness by helping consumers opt-out of the delivery of the printed yellow pages. As the original opt-out registry, their “going green” mission continues as they provide a simple and effective online alternative to print.


Citybot is an app that makes travel planning easy for people who don’t just want to find one place but want a full itinerary including the best attractions, restaurants, bars, and other must-sees in a new city.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.40.13 PM

ABLocal is a curated local business directory, which helps people find great local businesses they’ve never tried before. Their search algorithm favors businesses who have taken the time to curate their listings. They believe business owners who want to talk about their business, and what makes it unique, are more likely to run a cool, local shop.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.46.21 PM

Pointcom has been offering great services to the world wide web since the 1990′s and as we venture further into the 21st century they have looked for new ways to expand on what this site has provided in the past and bring great websites to the forefront. Each site they review is given a stamp of approval that they have quality content that would be essential for any visitor to check out.


VotefortheBest is a straight-forward business directory that ranks businesses in every town in the country based on a simple yet powerful voting system. VotefortheBest is quickly becoming the go-to destination to find out what businesses are popular in any city.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.52.55 PM

2findlocal is a local search directory that helps consumers make big finds from small businesses. Made in New York, 2findlocal connects consumers to businesses in their towns selling the products and services they need. Consumers can even see what searches are trending in their town, providing them with another way to find local businesses.

In addition to these eight sites, maps and apps, we’re adding new ones all the time to help your customers find you. You can learn more about each one in our PowerListings Network here.

Yext Launches “Pages” & International Support for 75 Countries

Yext - International World

Yext today launched Pages, a new product that allows marketers to publish their geo content from Yext Cloud to their own websites.   Yext also launched address support for 75 countries in native languages.

Pages lets marketers easily publish dynamic local info in their web and mobile sites.

Marketers can embed five kinds of widgets – calendars, menus, bios, product lists and social posts – with a snippet directly in their web sites.  Updates they make to their geocontent in Yext Cloud simultaneously appear in their listings, social networks, and now, their web pages.

“We created Pages to bring the local web page back to life.  There’s no reason why a local page shouldn’t be as current as a social network page,” said Howard Lerman, Yext’s co-founder & CEO.

“Today’s launch of Pages makes it possible for marketing organizations to deliver their geomarketing from Yext Cloud to the three most important local channels: listings (local search and maps), social, and now their own web and mobile pages.”

Pages: Social Posts appear on Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, and on a Web Page

Pages: Social Posts appear on Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, and on a Web Page

In addition to Pages, Yext today launched international address support for 75 countries, including 150 native languages.

Geodata for China & 74 Other Countries Now Supported in Yext Cloud

Geodata for China & 74 Other Countries Now Supported in Yext Cloud

“The world is local.  Today we take a major step towards enabling marketing organizations with a global footprint deliver their local message everywhere – regardless of borders or language.”

Both Pages and global address support are available immediately.  Log in or contact your Yext representative for more details.


Recent Yext Events

The fall is a busy time for us at Yext. We’re traveling all around the country learning from great thinkers, speaking at events, and meeting you. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to and where you can find us in the coming months.

SES San Francisco


Last week we attended SES in San Francisco. Our CEO, Howard Lerman, spoke about the 5 Layers of Local Search, on the Local Search Wars.


And our EVP Partnerships, Christian Ward, showed the attendees what really happens during normal compilation, and how there’s nothing ‘normal’ about it.

SMB Digital Marketing Conference

Meanwhile Daphne Earp, Director of Business Development, headed to Austin, TX to speak on a panel moderated by Jed Williams of BIA/Kelsey about how SMBs can leverage content in their marketing, and about concerns about automation and authenticity.


Upcoming Events

These are just the beginning. We’ll be traveling all over the country and would love to meet you. See you in Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Francisco, Deer Valley, and of course, NYC.

Our First Open Source Release: ICBM

Yext has benefited greatly from the open source community throughout its history as we’ve built the technology stack for the world’s greatest location information platform. Today, we proudly join the community with our first open source project release: ICBM.

ICBM is a build tool that specializes in building Java applications, though it also supports handling protocol buffer definitions, Play framework 1.x projects, and build steps that are arbitrary commands. We’ve been using it internally at Yext for the past three years to build the vast majority of our systems.

ICBM means more coding and less cargo-culting XML snippets. Its strengths lie in managing multiple applications intermingled in a single codebase. Adding a new application is as easy as writing a new main() method. Deploying to production is a cinch as ICBM creates executable JARs with all the classes the new application needs—and only those classes the application needs—in a single file.

ICBM makes this possible with its automatic dependency management. By assuming some widely followed Java code conventions, it can calculate all the dependencies between classes in a codebase within seconds. Those few dependencies that can’t be automatically detected can be specified in flexible build.spec files.

Using ICBM, we’ve painlessly grown the Yext system to over 100 services spread across over 3600 source files. The ease of building new services has helped us develop a highly modular architecture, combating complexity and reducing the risks of continuous rolling deploys. This has been crucial in enabling Yext engineering to think big and move fast in building the premier location information platform.

If you’re in New York and interested in learning more about ICBM in person, we’ll be hosting a talk introducing ICBM by Austin Chu, ICBM’s current maintainer, on September 24. You can RSVP at the event page. In the meantime, feel free to try ICBM out yourself from its GitHub page. We’ll be fleshing out the documentation more thoroughly over the next couple weeks, and there’s also some more work for us to do to sand off the Yext-specific rough edges, so join the project and send us your questions and contributions through GitHub or our Google Group!