The Guide to Digital Presence Management

Cover Guide to DPMToday we’re introducing our new whitepaper,           “The Guide to Digital Presence Management,” which explains in detail what local digital presence management is, why businesses should care, and best practices for creating a strong digital presence for business locations that effectively drives both online and offline store traffic.

This paper is intended to be a resource full of data, facts and examples. For this report we conducted a survey of 100 digital marketing professionals with results that clearly demonstrate the pervasiveness of inaccurate business listing information, and prove how big of an issue this is for both businesses and the consumers searching for them.

Download the full whitepaper here. See below for an excerpt from the full report.

What is Local Digital Presence Management?

With the explosion of mobile and fragmentation of the local search environment, managing the digital presence for businesses’ local store locations has become more complicated, and also more important, than ever. Unfortunately many businesses do not fully understand the scope of what digital presence is and the negative effect a weak presence can have on customer experience and, therefore, their bottom line.

At its most basic level, a business’ local digital presence is comprised of the places where information exists about that business location online, including directory listings, social profiles, store pages, and their own website. The content that appears across these different digital sources is largely the same, and includes:

  • Name, Address, Phone (NAP)
  • Hours of operation
  • Products and services
  • Specials and deals
  • Reviews

The main goal of managing this presence information effectively is to ensure that the most critical business information is always complete, up-to-date, and easily discoverable for searching customers in order to drive offline sales in brick-and-mortar locations.

The challenge here is that the infinite nature of the Internet and sheer number of local search sites and apps where this data lives has led to a fragmented local search ecosystem with increasingly scattered information. This has left businesses scrambling to find a scalable and effective way to maintain the quality and discoverability of their listings. This fragmentation is also a major problem for the consumers who are finding – or in many cases not finding – a disparate variety of details about their local stores and services spread over an ever-increasing number of digital sources. Local digital presence management is a unified, comprehensive and scalable approach to overcoming the challenges of the fragmented local search market.

Download the whitepaper here for a detailed explanation of the importance of digital presence management and best practices for ensuring your business’ presence is as optimized and effective as possible.


Yext adds Yandex, 9 New Publishers to the PowerListings Network

Yext adds 10 leading local search publishers in Russia, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States


Yandex is the leading Russian search provider.

Yext® today announced the introduction of Yandex and 9 other new publishers to the PowerListings Network, significantly expanding the network’s global reach.

Yandex is the leading search provider in Russia, with 59.3% of the local search market* and a monthly user audience of over 60 million.** The expansion also includes global support for Cylex, iGlobal, Opendi, and Stadtbranchenbuch in Austria and Switzerland, in Ireland, Pages24 in the Netherlands, Búsqueda Local in Spain, and n49 in the US.

“By adding native publishers like Yandex around the world, opening offices in Europe, translating our software into a dozen languages, and building address support for 120 countries, Yext is delivering the only global solution for enterprise digital presence management,” said Howard Lerman, Yext Co-Founder & CEO. “Today’s launch underscores our commitment to enabling digital presence management – a fundamental need for every business – at every location, in every corner of the earth.”

Yext puts fresh location data in maps for over 400,000 business locations around the world. With Yext, marketers can manage their digital presence across 85+ leading local search and mapping apps, now including:

Global (supports 10 or more non-US countries)
Yandex launch Global3




Yandex small

Busqueda Local



PowerListings Global is available for US, German, and UK-based enterprises with international locations.

*Source: LiveInternet, December 2014
**Source: comScore, December 2014

Building Store Locators for SEO Webinar

The function of store locators hasn’t changed much since they first appeared on business websites almost 20 years ago. The primary goal is still to help customers find a nearby location of a business, but the technology has improved to deliver that information more quickly, painlessly, and accurately than ever before.

Store locators have evolved as the digital space around them has evolved with the rise of search engines and most recently in response to mobile. There are now more than 182 million smartphone owners in the U.S. alone. That’s 182 million potential customers on-the-go, searching for businesses around them. Store locators allow businesses to tap into this enormous, high-conversion mobile search market by providing authoritative location information directly to consumers.

Watch the webinar below to learn how you can employ best practices to fully optimize and utilize store locators, boost SEO, and engage directly with the consumer at a critical moment in the path to purchase.

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores and Yext Win Retail TouchPoints’ Customer Engagement Award For Online Review Innovation

YEXT logo copy DB       SRS_015_Sears_SHO_Logo_ALT

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores and Yext today announced that they have won a Customer Engagement Award from Retail TouchPoints for their innovative online reviews program. Retail TouchPoints’ award recognizes retailers who are leading the pack in implementing new and creative customer engagement strategies to deliver on the promise of customer-centricity.

The custom program integrates Yext’s online review monitoring technology with SHOS’ “Say Yes” initiative, created to do whatever it takes to fix customer problems and issues. This first-of-its-kind program allows SHOS to better track and respond to online reviews, which retailers often miss or ignore, to build stronger relationships with customers.

“Unlike most retailers who silo online reviews into a separate social category, we chose to make online reviews a key part of our customer service strategy,” notes David Buckley, CMO of Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores. “We are excited that the industry is recognizing our progressive approach to customer service, leveraging technology to improve engagement with customers at the local level.”

“At Yext we love working with innovative partners like SHOS who are committed to building long-term relationships” said Wendi Sturgis, Yext EVP Sales & Services. “The combination of our review monitoring technology with their ‘Say Yes’ initiative allows SHOS to do what matters most: create great experiences for customers.”

Read the full press release here.

How to Prepare Your Business for Winter Storm Juno

In emergency situations like Winter Storm Juno, customers need information about businesses immediately so it’s more important than ever to ensure it’s updated. If your business is going to be affected by Winter Storm Juno, you should update your digital presence to share essential info with your local community. To prepare your business for winter storms you should:

1) Update store hours: Be sure to update customers if you are closing early or extending hours because they will be searching for it – especially on mobile. Even if your hours will not be changing, you should let your customers know that you will remain open for normal business hours.
2) Refresh product availability: Show your customers what is in stock, from generators, to batteries, to food products.
3) Change your Clickable Featured Messages: Share time-sensitive updates or deals in your listings.

Customers will be searching to see if your business is open, or if it has the product they need, so make sure you provide them with the necessary information to encourage them to visit your store and get prepared.