Google My Business Locations Demystified Webinar with Andrew Shotland

Businesses know that appearing in Google search results is a key step in getting found by the consumers around them. However, getting your information correct on Google hasn’t always been a simple or painless task.

To help geomarketers understand this tool, we teamed up with local SEO expert Andrew Shotland of to write the report: Google My Business Locations Demystified.

Launched in June 2014, Google My Business Locations unifies Google Places listings and Google+ Local into a single dashboard. In the webinar Andrew walks through basics and best practices for using Google My Business Locations control how your business appears online and connect with the consumers around you.

Whether you are a major brand, small business, agency, or SEO professional, Andrew’s tips can help make a difference for you or your clients today. Don’t miss out, watch the recording of the webinar below and download the whitepaper at

Yext Hosts Geomarketing Panel

Yext hosted the first in a series of geomarketing panels at our New York office yesterday. Moderated by David Kaplan, Managing Editor of, the panel focused on why it’s essential for brands to embrace geomarketing as a core part of their online marketing strategy in order to strengthen the connection with customers at the local level. The panel also featured Andrew Shotland, Founder of Local SEO Guide, Barry Gee, Local Search Marketer at FedEx, and Chris Walsh, Search Marketing Director at Havas Media.

Geomarketing Panel Nov_5

The panel covered a wide range of topics, but one of the most significant ideas to come from the discussion was about the future of geomarketing technology. With wearables, for example, it’s not just as simple as getting your geodata correct and then pushing your message – you need to consider the context the device or technology offers and the utility it provides your customers before, during, and after a location visit.

Thanks to all those who attended – looking forward to more panels in 2015!

Yext Introduces PowerListings Global – The World’s First Global Listings Network

PowerListings Global Links the World with 38 Publishers Including Native Networks in Germany, the UK, and Canada.

Yext® today introduced PowerListings® Global, the world’s first global listings network. PowerListings Global expands Yext’s PowerListings Network to include 38 global publishers, with native country networks in Germany, the UK, and Canada.

Engineered with Yext’s patented Listings Match™ technology, PowerListings Global brings to the world the same turbo updates, rich content, direct integrations, and analytics that the PowerListings Network pioneered in the US. Now, geomarketers can control their digital presence on leading publishers in the US and abroad, linking the world to ensure their customers find the right info everywhere.

“Digital presence is a basic need for every business in the world,” said Howard Lerman, Yext Co-Founder and CEO. “With PowerListings Global, Yext gives geomarketers the power to control their digital presence in nearly every country, address format, and native language. Pioneering the world’s first global network accelerates Yext’s leadership in the fast-growing geomarketing software category.”

Yext lets marketers control and update their essential details on 85 total sites, maps, and apps globally, now including:

Global Network 

Global Network - blog

German Network

German Network

UK Network

UK Network

Canadian Network

Canada Network

PowerListings Global is currently available for American enterprises with international locations. With PowerListings Global, businesses can now ensure their digital dollars, Euros, and pounds drive customers into all their physical locations, while building an enhanced presence for their brand across a web that’s more worldwide than ever before.

Yext Named to Crain’s 2014 ‘Fast 50′ List

We’re proud to share that Yext has been awarded the #14 spot on Crain’s 2014 ‘Fast 50′ list, an annual list of the fastest-growing privately held and publicly traded companies in the New York area. Yext is featured among a number of great companies, including MongoDB and AppNexus.

Check out Yext’s profile on the Fast 50 list here.

Yext has experienced tremendous growth in 2014, with the implementation of the new Pages product in April and plans to launch internationally with publishers this year.

Looking forward to even more success and innovation to come!

Geomarketing Webinar with Greg Sterling

Mobile, local search, location data, the Internet of Things –– these are all fundamental elements coming together to offer marketers revolutionary ways to connect with customers based on where they are –– which is geomarketing.

To help you seize this opportunity, we teamed up with local marketing expert Greg Sterling, VP of Strategy and Insights for the Local Search Association, to host a webinar titled “How Geomarketing Changes Everything.” The webinar expanded on Greg’s whitepaper of the same name, which you can download at

More than 200 attendees tuned in and asked excellent questions for Greg during the Q&A. If you missed it you can watch the full webinar below. Learn from leading brands, including Toyota and Duane Reade/Walgreens, that are harnessing the power of geomarketing to find and attract customers, and how you can do the same for your business today.

Yext at SMX East: The Truth About Duplicates

Everyone in the local SEO community knows duplicate listings are bad news, for both your business and your customers. And they happen to be rampant too. Yext recently conducted a study of 2,719 random business listings and uncovered over 44,000 duplicates, with an average of 16.26 duplicates per location across the network.* Duplicates plague the ecosystem but are nearly impossible to remove permanently.

Yext’s EVP of Partnerships, Christian Ward, gave a talk at SMX East last week to explain how duplicates are created, why they are so problematic, and best practices for getting rid of them.

Christian SMX

He emphasized that, contrary to popular belief, “fixing” duplicates at the source level isn’t the solution; in fact, it can cause an unintended ripple effect, leading to even more duplicates down the road. Instead, marketers need to verify their business information at the publisher level to suppress duplicates once and for all.

Yext’s API-integrations with 50+ leading sites, maps, and apps scans for existing duplicates and lets marketers flag them appropriately so they’re prevented from appearing at the most important level – the view on an actual publisher’s site.

To get an in-depth look at duplicate creation and best-practices for effective suppression, download the whitepaper here or check out

*Source: Yext, September, 2014.


Steven M. Cakebread, Technology Veteran, Joins Yext as Chief Financial Officer

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.30.36 PMYext today announced that Steve Cakebread is joining the Yext team as Chief Financial Officer. Cakebread is responsible for Yext’s global financial operations.

Cakebread brings extensive experience in public markets, global expansion, and strategic council. He has been a senior financial executive at rapidly growing technology companies for the past four decades. Cakebread was Chief Financial Officer of from 2002 to 2009, in addition to serving as the President and Chief Strategy Officer. More recently Cakebread served as Chief Financial Officer of Pandora Media Inc. He previously held senior management roles at Autodesk, Silicon Graphics World Trade, and Hewlett Packard.

“Yext has had a tremendous year. We’ve raised $50 million of funding, developed breakthrough technology, and continued to grow our world-class team” said Howard Lerman, Yext Co-Founder and CEO. “Steve’s leadership experience adds immense value to our executive team as we expand globally and manage massive growth, and is the ideal person to help Yext achieve our ambitious long-term goals.”

“Yext is clearly the leader in the high-growth geomarketing category and is one of the most exciting companies in the world,” added Cakebread. “I was looking for a company with brilliant leaders, passionate employees and uncapped potential – and Yext is that company.”

Cakebread holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University.

How GeoMarketing Changes Everything

Consumers are on the go and more connected than ever. Forecasts predict 90% smartphone penetration in the US market in the next two years, and by the end of this year mobile search query volume is expected to exceed PC volume on a global basis.

But 94% of all retail spending still happens in physical locations. This means that businesses have revolutionary opportunity to leverage online tools to drive customers into their brick and mortar locations.

To help you better understand this opportunity , we teamed up with Greg Sterling, VP of Strategy and Insights for the Local Search Association, to create “How GeoMarketing Changes Everything,” a guide for GeoMarketers. Whether you are taking control of your business’s digital presence for the first time or a seasoned pro, this guide has something for you.

How GeoMarketing Changes Everything covers:

  • Post-PC, Mobile First and Multi-platform
  • The Move Toward Mobile
  • The Web’s Offline Impact
  • Location: The New Cookie
  • Using Mobile to Close the Loop

Download the full paper to get all the GeoMarketing tips and tricks, case studies from top brands, and Greg’s 9 Recommendations for Marketers.

Yext Launches Global Partner Program

Today, we are excited to announce a step forward in our mission to get perfect location information in every hand, everywhere: we are inviting select partners to participate in the Yext Global Partner Program.

Through this program, Yext will work with select directory publishers across the world to bring a localized version of Yext’s Integrated GeoMarketing Software to their clients as a solution for digital presence management.

“Directory publishers around the world are working on their digital transformations, and Presence Management is a key product,” said Howard Lerman, Yext Co-Founder & CEO.  “At Yext we believe that mobile and IOT will enable locations to become ‘smart’, and today’s marketers have a revolutionary opportunity to connect to customers based on where they are.  The Global Partner Program is the first step in making this vision a reality for businesses and customers all over the world.”

To spearhead Yext’s international expansion, we are excited to announce that Luis Baptista-Coelho has joined the Yext team as VP International Partnerships. Prior to Yext, Luis was CEO of NDrive Navigation Systems, where he transformed the company into a global business in 30+ countries. Luis brings close to 20 years of experience in management in the IT industry across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Luis holds a European MBA (ESCP Europe: Paris-Oxford-Berlin) and Executive Educations at Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School.

“93% of business still happens in stores, and the Yext technology uniquely enables marketers to use online tools for those offline locations, said Luis Baptista-Coelho, Yext VP International Partnerships. “This fundamentally changes the way businesses connect with their customers – and I’m excited to bring it to international businesses.”

With the GeoMarketing Cloud, Yext helps more than 350,000 business locations connect with the consumers around them. To learn more about Yext visit, for more information about joining the Global Partner Program email

Weiter! En Avant! Framåt! Onward!

The Three Cornerstones to a Mobile Local Landing Page

Mobile smartphone usage is exploding, and that means unprecedented opportunities for marketers to personalize marketing messages based on where customers are located. But mobile offers a different experience than desktop, so marketers need to understand the nuances to create the most effective campaigns — and the key is mobile local landing pages.

Download this new paper from Yext to discover the three cornerstones to a successful mobile local landing page and get started on driving your customers into your locations.

User Flow MLLP

In this report, you will learn best practices for:

  • Getting the user’s location

  • Customizing the user’s experience

  • Driving the user to perform an action

Mobile local landing pages maximize the value of the paid media you’re already using, provide customers with the info they want, and inspire them to visit you in person. With optimized mobile local landing pages you can adjust what customers see based on where they are, and give them the info they need to chose your business.

You can download the full paper here. For more on how you can use mobile local landing pages to optimize your investment in mobile marketing, join our live webinar on 1pm ET August 19th.