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The Yext Quarterly: Local & Mobile

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Mobile and local and inherently linked. Mobile allows us to step away from our computers and experience the world around us through technology. By 2020 there will be 50 billion ‘connected things’, so local is only becoming more important for marketers – and that’s why we chose to focus on local and mobile for this issue of the Yext Quarterly.

We’ve already discussed the state of location, social in previous issues. For this issue we again worked with Greg Sterling and Andrew Shotland to bring you some useful articles, insights, and original research about local and mobile, including:

  • How to do mobile keyword research
  • Demand for wearables
  • The trend of going to mobile first for local information
  • An infographic about growth of mobile local services over the past year

Take a look, read it through and let us know what you think at YQ@yext.com. We hope it’s a useful resource for you and your teams as you think about local and mobile.

Download the full issue of the Yext Quarterly: Local & Mobile here


Capture Business Moments With Our New iPhone App

Your business isn’t defined by only your address, phone number or hours of operation. It’s when a customers visits for the first time, new products in stock or when someone finds what they need. These are the moments make up your business.

Capturing and sharing those experiences is the best way to engage your customers. In fact, listings with updated pictures receive 247% more clicks.

What to Share

For businesses, it’s clear that creative, ‘behind the scenes’ photos perform better than formal marketing pictures.  To reach and engage your customers, capture and share those business experiences. Take a photo of the new dish, product display, or seasonal sale.

You should share them where you customers are looking: social media and business listings. Adding them to your digital profiles makes your business look more appealing and active, so customers feel connected and compelled to choose you.

Your profiles will look more complete with photos and rich information, so they actually become your mobile presence.

Changing your website and optimizing for mobile is hard, but updating your profiles – where your customers are already looking – is a simpler and more effective solution for your mobile presence. And the photos of your business moments are the key to your mobile strategy.

Redesigned Yext iPhone App

  image_1  image  image_2

We knew we wanted to create a companion app as useful as the web product – because business doesn’t always happen in front of a computer screen. So we started from scratch and completely redesigned our iPhone app to make it easy to capture and share business experiences.

We ended up making the first of its kind business app for capturing and sharing content with customers. With it, businesses can:

    • Easily to capture photos of your business moments

  • Apply custom filters to make your photos look professional

    • Create text posts

    • Share your photos and add them to your photo albums

  • Optionally share the photos across your PowerListings Galleries

  • Set their profile picture and cover photo for your Facebook Page

The new iPhone app is available for download on the App Store here and is included in your PowerListings subscription. Once you have activated Yext Sync for Facebook, you can begin capturing and sharing the experience that define your business from the palm of your hand.

For more information, contact us at service@yext.com.

Mobile + Location: Where Will the People Go?

Working to get perfect location information into every hand is never as relevant as it is when we talk about mobile.  The more customers use their devices, the more places they can go, and the more need they have to find new locations.

One of the most popular activities on mobile devices is search, especially local search. When you are out with your phone, you are likely to look up a place you are headed – for directions, for a phone number, for information about whether you can buy what you need.  In fact,

  • 50% of all local searches performed on mobile device
  • 7 of 10 mobile searches = action within one hour
  • 9 of 10 mobile searches = purchase or visit

What We Are Seeing From Businesses – As mobile and local decision making get more closely tied, how are businesses reacting?  At Yext, we see three best practices from our customers:

  1. Ensuring mobile location hygiene to capture the intent of local search – Mobile is not only the place where a customer searches for somewhere she already knows; accurate location information is also the way to connect to more general local searches.  When businesses come up on mobile screens at the right time – on a map, in an app, or in a search engine – it might convert into the sale, or room booking, or dinner option.
  2. Enabling local discovery with fresh content – For many local businesses, mobile is the key to being discovered, the key to finding new customers.  On mobile and in local, people are often looking for specific information around a location near where they are – for a seasonal food item, for what’s happening on Tuesday, for what’s on sale.  In the store, sales teams can use their devices to update their location information – from open hours to events – in real-time to keep listings fresh and relevant.
  3. Differentiating with content creation – The killer feature of the smart phone is, of course, the camera, and the impact for business is that all employees can become local content creators.  With the right permissioning for brand protection, adding photos and videos to business listings is often the easiest way to create immediately richer, engaging experiences right when customers are looking.

What We’re Doing About It – At Yext, we are working to make mobile easy to manage for businesses in two ways:

  • First, we want to make it easy to reach customers with the best location information using our Network.  On mobile browsers, we connect our through 45+ publishers of maps, apps, and local search experiences and within apps environments, we work with 20+ applications, from HopStop to Foursquare.
  • Then, we want to make it easy to update and post new information – with our Android and iPhone apps.  Our apps allow you to:
    • Review your mobile listings
    • Update your Featured Messages as deals and products change day to day
    • Take new photos and videos as local content and automatically upload to your profile

We have built our network and our tools to help our customers grow their businesses through local search and local discovery.  By doubling down on mobile, we further our mission: to put perfect location information in every hand.

Find more information about Yext Mobile here.

Mobile App Usage Overtakes Mobile Browser Usage

mobile internet usersWith 31.1% of the US population accessing the internet from their mobile device in 2011 and 36% projected to do so in 2012, it’s no surprise that local businesses are turning their focus to mobile.

From optimizing a business website for mobile displays to creating custom Foursquare specials to encouraging check-ins, local business owners are constantly finding new ways to increase mobile traffic and turn mobile users into revenue opportunities.

mobile content usage
The two previously mentioned mobile marketing examples set up a question that most business owners face and that has remained unanswered. Do I focus my efforts on the mobile web or mobile apps? For many business owners, time is a valuable and scarce resource. Many don’t have the time to pursue every channel they’d like to, and because of this picking the most effective channels is extremely important.

I have long preached the importance of optimizing your site for mobile search, but recent data from Comscore suggests that the tide has started in the direction of mobile apps. In November of 2011 44.9% of mobile subscribers used downloaded apps compared to 44.4% that used their mobile browser.

It’s still incredibly important to be able to get found on mobile search sites, but making sure your business can get found in mobile apps like Yelp, Foursquare, HopStop, WhereTo?, and many more is of equal and growing importance.


Luckily with the Yext Local Search Scorecard you can see how your business shows up on a number of local search sites as well as local mobile applications.

Check out how your business information looks online and mobile apps here for free!

P.S. We’ve also developed our own PowerListings application so on-the-go business owners never lose control of their online listings. Learn more about our mobile app here!