Introducing the Yext Quarterly

Local discovery is broken. Local data is bad because businesses aren’t in control, so customers can’t get the information they need to make local purchasing decisions.

We created the Yext Quarterly to serve as a resource for the changing local landscape – to stay up-to-date on shifting customer behavior, evolving technology and emerging trends. It’s full of charts, surveys, and interviews – so even whether you are a business owner or a publisher, you’ll learn something new.

In making the Yext Quarterly, we were lucky enough to work with industry experts, Greg Sterling and Andrew Shotland. And since they are journalists, after all, we gave them full control of the editorial.

This first issue addresses ‘The State of Location’, and is intended as a primer for location and local marketing. And we’re excited to bring you exclusive content including:

  • One of the last interviews with Groupon’s Andrew Mason
  • How missing listings are costings businesses $10.3 billion annually
  • The most common location information issues (and how to fix them)
  • Predictions on what’s next to keep you ahead of the trends

The Yext Quarterly is for you. So we want to hear your thoughts, seriously. Send us an email at because we need your feedback to make the Yext Quarterly even more useful.

We hope you enjoy the first issue of the Yext Quarterly. Download it here.



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