BeaconMania 2015 NYC Recap

About BeaconMania

At the end of September we launched Xone™, our breakthrough product that helps brands tap the power of location to engage their mobile audiences. As part of the launch we hosted a 3-day BeaconMania event at our HQ in NYC to provide a hands-on look at Xone and how it leverages BluetoothⓇ beacon technology to create unprecedented opportunities for in-store and post-visit customer engagement.

We were lucky enough to have over 500 Yext partners and industry colleagues come through the office to see the new product in action and learn about the future of location marketing! For those who missed it, here’s a look at BeaconMania 2015 NYC.

We designed BeaconMania to give attendees a first-hand look at Xone and how they can use it to harness the power of location for their businesses, and to learn more about our company through guided tours in our office. Yext employees guided groups through pop-up stores located around the recently expanded office, which now covers the full city block between Park and Madison Avenues.

Stop #1: Yext Swag Store

Yext broke into the local listings market in early 2011 with PowerListings, our blockbuster product that enabled customers for the first time to easily manage and update their digital store location information in real-time and at scale. Since the initial launch of PowerListings, Yext has built out a comprehensive Digital Location Management solution for enterprise and SMB businesses ranging in industry and size.

In early 2014, Yext added Pages to the platform, which lets brands create owned site pages for each store location to help them boost local campaigns and improve SEO. And the newest product, Xone, closes the online-to-offline loop, enabling marketers to reach high-intent customers both in-store and post-visit.


Stop #2: Lou and Grey

Popular women’s retail brand, Lou and Grey, is focused on integrating cutting-edge technology into their marketing to engage local customers. Installing Bluetooth beacons in local stores is a great way for brands like Lou and Grey to leverage the power of their locations to reach more mobile customers with relevant, timely information as they’re shopping.

Xone combines beacons’ real-time, local messaging capabilities with Yext’s proprietary network of leading apps to create an entirely new set of interaction opportunities between brands and consumers.


Stop #3: RadioShack

RadioShack is committed to being your neighborhood electronics store and is focused on strengthening its digital presence to increase awareness of their store locations, and on improving engagement with mobile customers as they shop in-store.

With Xone Tips, retailers like RadioShack are able to put information right at their mobile visitors’ fingertips as soon as they walk through their front door. The live Tips demo demonstrates how our proprietary network of leading apps listen for Xone Bluetooth® beacons to display in-store Xone Tips with relevant information like wifi password, coupons, contact information on customers’ smartphones – a powerful way for stores to engage with their high-intent local customers in the moment it matters.


Stop #4: P.F. Chang’s

In-store messaging is the just the first piece of the Xone puzzle. The P.F. Chang’s Marketing War Room room explores what happens after the customer has left and when the marketing team gets involved: Re-Engagement and Attribution.

With Xone, for the first time marketers can close the online-offline gap by re-engaging with high-intent store visitors, or in this case restaurant guests, after they’ve left. And can attribute repeat visits to customers they have re-engaged.

As mobile continues to dominate the search market and the online and offline worlds are increasingly blurred, the ability for brands to connect the online and offline behavior of their local customers is going to be a critical asset for their business success.


Stop #5: YX Agency Room 

The final stop, the YX Agency Room, demonstrated the last piece of the Xone puzzle: audience development and strategic campaigns. With the Xone platform, brands can create extremely customized audiences for post-visit re-engagement, enabling them to execute highly relevant and effective local campaigns that reach the right audiences and help turn store visitors into loyal customers.


Thanks to everyone who attended the BeaconMania event to help us celebrate the launch of Xone. And of course, a huge thank you to Lou and Grey, RadioShack and P.F. Chang’s!

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For those who couldn’t make it to BeaconMania NYC, we have good news: we’re taking BeaconMania on the road!

Yext is hosting half-day events in Chicago on 10/27 and Dallas on 11/3, where attendees will receive an introduction to Xone, hear keynote speeches from CEO Howard Lerman and CMO Jeff Rohrs, as well as a panel of local search experts discussing the Future of Location Marketing. If you’re interested in attending, you can register here. For more information on Xone, you can contact your account manager or visit our website.

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