Give Yourself Final Say Over Your Data with Publisher Suggestions

A little unsolicited advice from time to time can be useful. Most of the time, though? Not so much. So when a customer suggests a change to your business information on Google or Yelp, they may be doing you a huge favor. But there’s also a good chance that their edit is inaccurate. Only you know for sure.

In today’s world of intelligent search, digital services like Google and Yelp are always looking to confirm that the data they show about businesses is complete and accurate. And they’ll often allow consumers to suggest edits to the business data they display, like hours of operation, website, and phone number. While these consumer suggestions can help ensure that the most up-to-date, on-the-ground data gets seen, they can also cause confusion if they override the data brands themselves know to be correct.

As part of our updated Yext Listings, Publisher Suggestions now logs all the edits consumers propose to your listings on Yelp — in addition to Google — directly in the Yext dashboard. You can then accept or reject these edits. Whatever you decide, you stay in control.

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Available since April 2016 for Google My Business listings, Publisher Suggestions has already surfaced over 3 million consumer-suggested edits for 300,000+ business locations.



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