Yext for Insurance Brings the Power of Digital Knowledge Management to Insurers

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the leader in Digital Knowledge Management (DKM), today announced the launch of Yext for Insurance, to help synchronize search tools that empower insurance brands, agents and the customers they serve. The insurance industry is a stalwart of the global financial sector, and like many well-established industries, has begun grappling with the concept of digital transformation. Yext for Insurance delivers a tool to make this process easier for insurers by enabling individual agents to manage, organize and leverage distinguishing facts about the brand, their practices, and the relevant information that is sought by their customers. Coordination of details like types of insurance offered, hours, telephone number, and languages spoken, afford agents a powerful tool to help amplify their digital presence through a single, frictionless platform.

People are switching insurance providers more than ever, and search engines, maps, voice assistants and chatbots are changing the way consumers find insurance agents. For example, half of customers now do their insurance research on search engines like Google, or Bing, according to a Yext survey, yet only 15% of insurance customers are satisfied with their providers’ digital experience. In this environment, a robust digital presence is essential for insurers looking to beat the competition, win new business, and retain loyal customers.

“Voice search and other AI-powered technologies are transforming the way people search for insurers,” said Shane Closser, Head of Industry for Financial Services at Yext. “Consumers are able to search for individual insurance agents and providers by more detailed criteria than ever before, and it is now the insurer’s job to provide the detailed facts about its business and agents so that the services consumers use to search can find them. Yext for Insurance gives agents control over these facts so they can reach their customers with up-to-date information everywhere and boost their brand everywhere it lives, growing consumer confidence and engagement.”

Businesses using Yext for Insurance can  give their agents autonomy over their digital brand through control of their agent Pages, an online home for key information about an agent’s service, such as addresses, hours of operation, and insurance offered, as well as deep attributes about themselves, such as certifications, languages spoken, reviews, biographies, photos and more. In addition, insurers can publish this information across the web, with direct control over their agents’ Listings on the 3rd party sites customers rely on, like Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, and more. With Yext for Insurance, insurers and agents can manage all of this critical digital knowledge everywhere it lives from one central platform, the Yext Knowledge Engine.

“The launch of Yext for Insurance unlocks a massive opportunity for agents to take control of their brand and take advantage of the new customer journey,” said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer at Yext. “In today’s insurance market, it is essential to provide accurate, consistent, compelling brand information across agent pages, search engines, chatbots, voice assistants, and everywhere else consumers are, in order to take advantage of the new customer journey. Yext for Insurance gives agents a streamlined, centralized platform to do so in near real time.”

In addition, Yext for Insurance enables insurance brands to:

  1. Empower the digitally-enabled agent by providing fully flexible access controls to agents, allowing them to update relevant content everywhere their customers search.
  2. Modernize agents’ digital presence to provide a streamlined user experience for the end user from search to transaction.
  3. House all digital knowledge about locations and agents on one central platform and power that information on first- and third-party sites, helping consumers easily find what they’re looking for, wherever they’re looking.

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