How Brands Can Automate Review Response to Engage More Customers

By Curtis Maher

Jul 2, 2024

2 min

Approximately 88% of customers are likely to use a business if they see the owner respond to all (positive or negative) reviews. This figure highlights the importance of review management for brands, but keeping up with review responses at scale can be a major challenge.

To help brands save valuable time and engage more customers, we're launching a new and improved version of Automatic Review Response as part of our July '24 release. The tool allows Yext customers to automate review responses according to specific criteria for reviews they receive, such as star rating, review site, or any high-priority keywords.

In addition to helping brands respond to reviews more efficiently, it gives them the ability to reply with responses that are pre-approved by their brand or legal team. This is key for multi-location brands in particular, helping to make sure that their customer engagement is consistent, brand-safe, and compliant.

Automatic Review Response results

Our early customers have seen great results across industries. Further, they've seen success regardless of where they're starting from in their reputation management journey, whether they're starting from scratch with review responses or if they've already been responding to reviews for a while.

Patrick Flanagan, SVP of Digital Development, Operations & Strategy at Simon Property Group told us: "Yext's Automatic Review Response has made a huge impact on our reputation management strategy. Since we launched with the tool, we've seen our response rate grow by 50%. Automatic Review Response has also helped our team save time. We're now issuing hundreds of responses per day and responding to reviews 80% faster than last year."

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about Automatic Review Response — and to see what else is new in the July '24 Release.

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