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G-Star RAW Elevates Customer Experience & Drives More Traffic with Yext

G-Star RAW delivers a better experience by monitoring customer reviews and managing its brand information with Yext.
16% year-over-year growth in clicks to listings
1.5M google search clicks
19% year-over-year growth in website clicks
350+ Locations
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Challenge
G-Star RAW sought to deliver excellence in customer experience by managing business information and reviews through Yext.

The Challenge

Fuelled by its hardcore denim roots, Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW continues to buck trends and challenge conventions through a constant drive for innovation. With a recent shift from a wholesale and franchising model to a retail-focused setup, the denim brand’s digital strategy required a robust solution that would underpin this transition.

The brand has an unwavering focus on ensuring they provide the best experience for their customers, some of whom have been loyal to the G-Star RAW brand for decades. 

“We are constantly asking ourselves ‘what do they want?’, ‘what do they expect from G-Star?’ and ‘how do we connect with them most effectively?’” says Chiara Klamp, Head of Global Omnichannel. “We need to ensure that our customers are able to interact with our brand in the most seamless and frictionless way”.

The Solution

To deliver perfect answers everywhere its customers are searching, G-Star RAW relies on Yext to update its business information with over 150 publishers. “When we worked with franchise partners, a lot of our data was uploaded by third parties. There was a lot of inconsistency in our business information,” Klamp says. By perfecting its business listings, in the 34 months since launch in December 2016, G-Star RAW has driven over 1.5 million clicks to its listings while experiencing a year over year growth rate in clicks of 16%.

Yext allows G-Star RAW to manage the information for over 350 locations across 39 countries from one place. Through Yext, the brand was able to make 324,000 location listing updates.

“We needed to achieve operational excellence. The teams were having to make manual updates across platforms and Yext helped us to save a lot of time and resources” Klamp says.

G-Star RAW has also used Yext to pull in over 19,000 reviews to gain a holistic view of what their customers were saying. “We take that customer feedback to make real improvements and have an instant impact on their experience,” Klamp explains.


In the 34 months since launch in December 2016, G-Star RAW has driven over 1.5M clicks to its listings while experiencing a year-over-year growth rate of 16%.

This included 14% year-over-year growth in direction clicks, 19% year-over-year growth in website clicks and 24% year-over-year growth in phone call clicks.

In the 34 months since launch, G-Star RAW has optimized for and sustained increased visibility in the Google Search Engine Results Page, with 58% of search queries they appear have been unbranded.

Since launch, Yext has pulled in nearly 19.3k reviews from G-Star RAW listings, providing visibility into brand reputation across publishers over time.

G-Star RAW have 370 stores managed across 39 different countries with Yext.

“Yext plays an important role in our continued focus on exceptional customer experience. The platform has saved us a huge amount of time and resources and allowed us to provide consistent information to our customers which builds trust”
Chiara Klamp Head of Global Omnichannel

The Difference

The brand is reaping the rewards of structuring their brand  information everywhere and striving for discoverability across the digital ecosystem. G-Star RAW has optimized for and sustained increased visibility in the Google SERP, and since launch, 58% of search queries they appear for have been unbranded. Through this enhanced discoverability, the brand has driven a 19% year-over-year growth in website clicks and 14% year-over-year growth in direction clicks in the 34 months since launch in December 2016.

Enhancing operational efficiency with Yext has allowed G-Star RAW to continue to innovate in the denim space.

 “There have been dramatic changes in the retail landscape in recent years, and we needed to move quickly to harness the change in consumer behavior,” Klamp says. “‘Near me’ mobile and third party searches are becoming more and more prevalent. We use Yext to update our information everywhere and to boost our discoverability for local search.”

With sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity top of mind for G-Star RAW, the partnership continues to deliver results. “We are taking steps to become a completely customer-centric organization, and Yext plays a key role in that,” Klamp says. “As we continue to scale up the use of Yext, I really believe that it will be possible for us to accelerate the growth that we’ve seen”

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