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Yext AI Search for Freshdesk

Empower your customers and agents to self serve and get direct answers with Yext AI Search

With Yext AI Search, support leaders can empower their agents to drive faster case resolution that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. By automatically populating the agent's search experience with the ticket subject line, Yext AI Search uses natural language understanding to interpret customers' intent and deliver contextually relevant direct answers for agents to efficiently resolve cases. Get started here and supercharge your search in Freshdesk.

  • Serves direct answers to agents instead of long-form articles or blue links, powered by Yext's multiple search algorithms, including Extractive Question Answering (QA), which pulls exact answers from within a document or article and surfaces it as a rich snippet

  • Displays content in a single unified search experience through a federated architecture, helping agents cut through the noise and reducing information silos by centralizing all support data for easy retrieval

  • Embeds both search queries and FAQs in vector space and uses a Semantic Text Search algorithm to determine the most relevant FAQs—no synonyms required!

  • Tracks the savings associated with case deflection and identifies content gaps that need to be addressed. Automatically groups similar searches, even if they contain different query phrasings, to improve search at scale

  • Uses machine learning to automatically rerank results based on what has previously resolved cases before

Key Benefits:

  • Increase agent productivity

  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Decrease average handles times

  • Reduce agent attrition

  • Reduce internal information silos

The Yext AI Search app is free to Yext and Freshdesk customers.

Improve ticket deflection and reduce ticket resolution times

Solve repetitive, high-volume questions instantly and prioritize live service interactions for more complex issues.

Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Deepen brand loyalty by reducing wait times and serving direct answers to your customers' questions across your Freshdesk-powered support site.

Import content from anywhere

Show results from all support-related content in a single, unified experience with Yext, Freshdesk's first federated search partner - whether or not it lives in Freshdesk today.

Gain new insights

Explore insights into your customers' search queries, and tie your search experience directly to cost savings.

To use the Yext AI Search app, create a Yext account and enable your Search experience. If you don’t have a Yext account or are unsure how to create an Search experience, sign up for a free trial and follow our quickstart guide!

Free Trial:

After installing the app, just provide your Search Experience Production URL to get up and running!

See how Yext can help you deliver answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.