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Anticipating customer needs starts with search. Supercharge your website with a natural language search experience that returns direct answers to consumers' questions—no matter how they ask them.

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Organizations of all kinds choose Yext Answers. Here's why:

Put direct answers, rich content, and calls-to-action at your customers’ fingertips, so that they can transact right on the search results page.
Answers catalogs each search query and its response to show you where you might be missing opportunities with customers.
Answers helps consumers find information quickly and easily—without having to contact a support center or chatbot.

Built on the Knowledge Graph

Consumers expect search engines to understand them, especially when their queries mimic everyday speech. Unlike legacy site search, which returns links to webpages based on the keywords they include, Yext Answers searches structured data in the form of a Knowledge Graph. This means your customers get direct, actionable answers—no matter how they ask their questions.
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The cost of a search-last experience


of people want to solve their own problem using search–they don't want to contact you.*


of consumers with a bad on-site search experience are likely never to return again.*


of customers prefer to use a company's website instead of using social media, SMS, or live chat for support.*

*Sources: AddSearch, Forrester, Dimension Data

Answers is a full search platform

Answers is more than just a set of search algorithms—it's a full search-as-a-service platform. Learn more about the individual features that make up Answers.

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