Answers is a full search platform.

Answers is more than just a set of search algorithms—it's a full search-as-a-service platform. Learn more about the individual features that make up Answers.

Features of the Answers Platform

Answers, not Links

The only search experience that returns direct answers using the power of the Knowledge Graph.

Federated Architecture

Queries multiple data sources and aggregates the results in one unified experience. Integrates with third-party systems to return even more results to customers—all in one place.

Location Personalization

Detects your customers' locations to inform search results and surface the most contextually relevant information. Based on automatic natural language processing (NLP) instead of Geosearch.

Vertical Search

Isolates your customers' searches to a single entity type—like locations, professionals, or products—and adjusts the UI accordingly.

Faceted Search

Dynamic filters that update based on a customer's search.

Javascript SDK

Creates search components and generates an iframe for your specific Answers experience.

Auto-Suggest and Auto-Complete

Informs your customers on queries with great results. Uses a combination of customizable, hard-coded prompts and popular queries to guide customers in their search.

Spelling Correction

Corrects misspellings in a query and surfaces "Did You Mean" suggestions in the results for query refinement.


Add synonyms (both one direction and bi-directional) to customize the search experience.


Scans through the pages of a website in order to digest the content and make it searchable. Examines links on a page as a means of fetching and indexing content.