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Great search costs a lot to deliver. Yext Answers democratizes great search for everyone and comes pre-built with all the tech, integrations, and expertise necessary to deliver a world-class search experience across your website, apps, chatbots, and more. Unlike other search providers that require a heavy lift from your IT department and constant attention to maintain search quality, Answers does everything right out of the box.

In-House Search Development

Search With Yext Answers

The tools needed to build great search.

Create a search experience from scratch with a point-and-click interface. Discover previously unimplemented features and understand what's fully possible with Yext.

Use pre-defined components (like SearchBar, SpellCheck, Facets and UniversalResults) to easily build an Answers experience, or add further modifications with custom components.

Tailor results pages to your liking. Add maps, clickable phone numbers, images, videos, info cards, and CTAs—all within your brand guidelines.

Automate data ingestion of your website content to make it searchable.


When you buy Answers, you get both superior search technology and our search UX expertise. We are always testing new user experiences and interfaces for Answers to see which ones perform best. In a recent study, we tested 1,200 users in 21 different experiments to understand how task types and search bar placement affect users’ search behavior. Curious about the results?

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Hitchhikers combines Yext’s best-in-class technology with a self-serve training platform and community of power users. By becoming a Hitchhiker, you will build skills that enhance your career, get access to exclusive Yext resources, and be your brand’s hero by learning to create amazing customer experiences.
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