Summer '18 Release Notes

Summer '18

The below features are available as part of Yext’s Summer '18 Release. Unless otherwise noted, all features are available globally.

Yext customers can gain early access to these features by visiting Account Settings, clicking Account Features in the left sidebar, and toggling the features on in their accounts.


Yext for Events

Knowledge Manager, Platform, & APIs




App Directory now available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

Yext Trust Site


Yext for Events

PACKAGE: Visit the Yext Packages page and click the Events tab to see the features in these tiers.
CHANNEL: Direct customers of Yext

Yext for Events allows you to centrally create, approve, publish, manage, and measure your events across the event discovery ecosystem. Grant the right level of permissions to field or corporate teams to enter information into a single platform and automatically create event-specific web pages, add them to your events calendar and publish them broadly to sites like Facebook, Eventbrite, Eventful, and the local publications that people use to find out what’s going on in their communities.

Event Knowledge Manager
We’re excited to announce that you can now manage events alongside your location data inside the Yext Knowledge Manager. With the purchase of the Base Events Package or above, you can create and update events and view them alongside the data about your locations and professionals.


Give users granular permissions based on their role to create, update, or approve events. To create events, users can either add them one-by-one directly in the Knowledge Manager, or for brands that are doing many events across many locations, easily upload and update events in bulk with the Entity Upload and bulk editing tools. To be able to effectively manage the facts about your event, the Knowledge Manager includes over 25 event-specific standard fields such as event name, description, map markers, ticketing information, performer information and contact information, as well as unlimited custom fields.


And, to make it even easier to manage events happening across your brand, utilize advanced data management functionality such as the ability to schedule updates and add multi-language content. For brands using Yext for their locations, associate events with those locations to pull in location details, or specify the location information if the event is occurring at a third party site.

You can also integrate the Knowledge Manager with your internal systems through robust APIs or integrate with third-party services through the App Directory to ensure all teams and systems have the most up-to-date facts about your events. Customers with the Professional Events Package will be able to power consumer-facing first-party experiences via the Live API.

Event Landing Pages
With all of your event data centrally managed and up-to-date, Yext helps your events get found online by publishing it broadly to the places where future attendees are looking for things to do - including your own website.

Available as part of the Professional Package for Events, Yext users can now create and design landing pages directly in the Yext dashboard with easy-to-use, configurable modules that map data directly from the Knowledge Manager. Assign fields for photos, event names, event descriptions, map markers, and more so you have a beautiful page that is up-to-date with your event details, looks and feels like your brand’s website, and displays the relevant details for your individual events. Publish these events to your own hosted subdomain as soon as you create an event in the Knowledge Manager and associate it with the appropriate template. And, with Yext Landing Pages, your pages are always optimized for search with the correct Event schema, load quickly, and look great on any device.


If you have existing event pages that you’d like to keep using, customers with the Events Starter Package can use Yext Knowledge Tags to sync data from the Knowledge Manager to those pages and ensure they are still optimized for search.

Once pages are published and added to your subdomain, they are also automatically added to your event calendar. Event Calendars are customizable in platform and include powerful search and filters that can be set off any field in the Knowledge Manager. In addition to full brand calendars, calendars can also be pre-filtered and embedded onto other pages, such as location pages with calendars that only display events happening in that area.

Customers that require additional customization are welcome to engage our Professional Services team to create fully customized event calendars and event page templates.

Event Listings
Send your events out to the places where attendees are looking by publishing your event data to some of the leading sites for event discovery, including Facebook, Eventbrite, and Eventful. Yext also publishes your events to sites like AmericanTowns (US only), Eventseeker, and Evensi, which promote events locally. (Please see the Listings section of these Release Notes for a detailed description of each publisher.)

View your event listings in the Listings tab to check the status of your event listing, resolve any issues, or link out to see your live listing.

Event Analytics
Yext provides not only a platform to get the word out about your events, but also analytics back about how your events are doing online. Understand how your events are performing across publishers and locations, and over time. Build custom reports and dashboards to see which sites are driving traffic back to your web pages and calendars, what actions users are taking on your pages or your third party listings, what sites are getting RSVPs and how many impressions your events are getting across sites.


Knowledge Manager, Platform, & APIs

PACKAGE: The Knowledge Assistant is available in all Yext packages (Base, Starter, Professional, and Ultimate), but some skills require additional packages.

The Knowledge Assistant continues to learn new skills! You can now ask the Knowledge Assistant:

  • “Update my address.”
  • “Update my phone number.”
  • “Update my description.”
  • “How many website clicks have I had?”
  • “How many phone calls have I received from Google?”
  • “How many driving directions have I received from Google?”
  • “Show me reviews that I haven’t responded to.”
  • “Update the time for my event.”

The Knowledge Assistant can now also Nudge you to confirm and update data, so consumers always see fresh content. You can take advantage of the Knowledge Nudge in a few ways, like:

  • Set reminders to confirm your data on a specific schedule
  • Use the Knowledge Assistant to ask field users for specific data that you need to collect

You can send out a one-time Knowledge Nudge to your field users by visiting Account Settings, choosing from a list of eligible fields, and sending a Nudge on-demand. The Knowledge Assistant will then message any registered KA user who is assigned to an entity that does not have this field filled out. For example, if you’d like to source photos of your locations, you can send out a Nudge to any field users who are assigned to locations that have no photos in their Gallery. (Users whose locations do have photos will not receive a message.)

You can also create rules around your Nudges, which tell the Knowledge Assistant when to Nudge your users automatically. Nudge rules are based on field type and timeframe — for example, if you choose the “Description” field and a timeframe of “6 months,” the Knowledge Assistant will continuously monitor all the entities in your account, and then as soon as any entity’s Description has not been updated in 6 months, it will send a Nudge to that entity’s KA contact.

PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

Now, when you edit an Entity (such as a Location, Professional, or Event) inside the Knowledge Manager, you’ll see a Summary module on the right side of the screen with high-level information about that entity.  Depending on the Entity’s type and the services it’s subscribed to, the module will display the number of Live Listings, Average Rating, Page Status, and Total Activities. This module will replace the existing Listings Live module on the Location Edit screen today.


PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

You can now explicitly set the country for any phone field with a new drop-down menu.


PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate
CHANNEL: Partners and Small Business Customers

Effective Thursday, September 6, our Digital Asset Management feature will be added to all standard packages for Yext Partners and Small Business Customers. This feature allows Yext customers to store and manage a library of pre-approved assets (including text, photo, and video assets) that they can leverage across their Yext-powered properties.

PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

Previously, users could only specify that certain assets could be used on certain custom fields using asset labels.  With this release, we’ve introduced the ability to explicitly control asset availability for profile fields, review response, and social use.


Previously, we did not support multi-language versions of option custom fields (single-option select or multi-option select). With this release, you can now provide translations for these options by following these steps:

  1. When you’re adding a Custom Field, in the “Field Specification” section, select a single-option or multi-option select type

  2. Fill out the options in the primary language and see the option for “+ Add translation”


  3. Click “+ Add translation”. You’ll see a Specify Translations dialog.  Choose a language and fill out the translation for each option. Click “Save” to save, or “Save & Add Another” to add another language.


PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

In this release, we’ve continued to enhance our Exports functionality with UI improvements and additional features.  

Export File Format
Previously, all exports were downloaded automatically in .xlsx format, and you could not schedule .csv exports to be automatically delivered via email, FTP, or SFTP.  With this release, you can now specify .csv file format for any exports, including exports scheduled for automatic delivery.

Header Language
Previously, the export flow was designed for English use only. Now, you can explicitly select the language for headers in the export. The available language values for the “Header Language” option will be the same list of languages supported throughout the platform (see list of “Display Languages” within “Personal Settings”).

Additional Field Configuration Options
For text fields, you can set a character limit on the data exported. Previously, you could set a preference for cutting off at the nearest word or sentence. As part of this release, you can now choose word, sentence, or character.

Revamped UI

  1. You can now configure all the export settings on the Basic Info page, including the new settings for Header Language and File Format.


  2. Click continue and view “Export Scheme” step.  


  3. Select any fields on the left-hand side to add them to the export.  For any fields added, you can click “Configure” (under “Actions”) to customize their output format. You can also drag fields around, or click “Bring to top” or “Bring to bottom” under “Actions”.


PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

We’ve updated and unified the UI of our template creation and application steps. Previously, when creating a template, you had to scroll through a lengthy list of profile fields to select and fill out the ones you wanted. Now, you can now view profile fields in a more manageable way and intentionally select individual fields you’d like to add.

Revamped UI for Template Creation
The new and improved template creation flow makes it much easier for you to add templates:

  1. Create a new, empty template.


  2. Select which entity types the template can be applied to. This will determine the list of fields available to add to the template. The template can only be applied to this selected set of entity types and can only contain fields that are applicable to every entity type in this set. (For example, if you are creating a Locations template, you will not be able to add “Event Time” to that template, since that field does not apply to the Locations entity.)


  3. Select fields from the left side of the screen to add them to the template.


  4. Fill out your desired values for the fields in the template.


Revamped UI for Template Application
We’ve also revamped the template application experience to make it easier to understand which fields are getting applied. Importantly, you can no longer edit template field values during the process of applying a template.

  1. Select a template to apply.  This list will only contain templates that can be applied to the given entity type.


  2. Select/deselect any fields in the template to apply.


PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

We’ve upgraded the look and feel of buttons across the Yext platform. This refreshed UI is more accessible to read and is keyboard-navigable.

PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

As Yext continues to expand beyond the Locations object, our APIs will evolve as well. In the future, we have plans to introduce the following additions to our APIs:

  • We’ll introduce support for CRUD operations for all entity types, including Locations, Events, Healthcare Professional, Healthcare Facility, and ATMs.
  • We will update the Data Model and Response Structure in the API:
    • Metadata (e.g. id, entityType, folderId, etc) will be separated from profile field content for easier consumption on the developer side.
    • Custom Fields will no longer be in a nested customFields object; moving forward, they will be top-level and customers will have the ability to set API Names for Custom Fields.
    • The response format will more closely match our internal primitive format. Compound fields in Yext will be compound fields in the API (e.g. Address)
  • To support a more consistent experience, we are consolidating our API filters across data-type, and adding the flexibility to support filtering on all fields of an entity. The new filter scheme will also have the ability to support many more matches, such as or, gt, lt, etc.
  • We'll be updating our endpoints for Custom Fields, Assets, Menus, Bios, and Products & Services to map to all entities, not only Locations.
  • Improvements to Multi-Language Profile Support will make it possible to fetch Multi-Language Profiles in bulk by all entities, as opposed to by location only.
  • We will make webhooks available for create, update and delete events for all entity types.

PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

Previously, app developers could only specify whether their app had read-only or read/write access, and then specify all endpoints. You can now specify whether or not your app has read-only or read/write permissions per endpoint.

PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

You can now specify API names for custom fields. These API Names will be used to reference custom fields in API requests and responses. The names will only affect API endpoints related to Entities — custom fields will still be referred to by their IDs in legacy Location API endpoints. API Names will always be prefixed with "c_" in order to prevent collisions with existing fields (e.g., "c_myCustomField”).



As part of the Summer ’18 Release, you’ll have greater visibility into your listings with Google User Photos, and greater control over your brand’s online presence with Facebook Publisher Suggestions.

PACKAGE: Professional, Ultimate


Consumers capture and share content about their experiences on a multitude of sites and apps, including Google, every single day. Do you know how many of these moments occur at your locations?

Now you can track the content that customers generate from your locations on Google with Google User Photos. See the customer experience through their lens to better understand where your business excels — and where it has room for improvement.

In addition to seeing the pictures you’ll also get access to analytics, like Views.

Information accessible in the platform:

  • Photo
  • Username and profile photo of who posted the photo
  • Date and location posted

You will also be able to view “Google UGC photo views” as a dimension in Analytics.

PACKAGE: Starter, Professional, Ultimate


Every day, consumers suggest edits to business listings based on their real-world experiences. However, these edits are sometimes inaccurate. And if applied to your listings, they can confuse other customers and negatively impact your SEO efforts.

With Yext Publisher Suggestions, you can view suggested edits made by consumers on Google Maps, Yelp, and now — Facebook, directly in Yext. Suggested edits made by users on Facebook will not expire in the Yext platform. And whether you want to incorporate a consumer’s suggestion or not, the choice is yours — so that others never see changes to your listings data unless you’ve authorized it.

PACKAGE: Noted below
CHANNEL: Noted below


We’re proud to continue enhancing the Knowledge Network (formerly the PowerListings® Network) with new integrations that drive breadth, speed, and accuracy for our customers’ brands in search today. Changes to our network include:


  • Yext for Events: Included with the Yext for Events Starter and Professional Packages, customers will now be able to showcase their events across a network of event-specific sites that publish events automatically or that partner with local newspaper, radio, and news stations to help people find things going on in their communities.
    • All Events in City: All Events in City is an event aggregation platform that helps people discover the events happening around them. Started with the sole purpose of making event discovery easier, All Events in CIty has promoted over 100 million events globally across 30,000 cities and is used by 4 million people every month, and 9 million event organizers.
    • Cityspark: CitySpark partners with media companies to help them give their audiences the local event content they crave. CitySpark accepts and catalogues hundreds of event categories to build local calendars that can be embedded into mobile, tablet or desktop sites.
    • evensi: evensi lets users find all the events they love, wherever they are. With 100+ million events worldwide, evensi provides an easy-to-use tool to increase visibility and attendance at your events. Your events are broadcasted throughout the evensi network via email, social ads and more. evensi reaches only the best audiences and your event based on user's interests.
    • Eventbrite: Eventbrite is the world's largest event technology platform with a mission to bring the world together through live experiences. Music festivals, venues, marathons, conferences, hackathons, air guitar contests, political rallies, fundraisers, gaming competitions — you name it, Eventbrite powers it. Eventbrite operates in more than 180 countries and territories, processing more than three million tickets per week, to reach more than 50 million attendees.
    • eventful: eventful is a leading global service for discovering local events, live music and entertainment! Over 21 million people rely on eventful to find out what's happening and decide what to do; from movies, concerts and sports to family fun and nightlife.
    • eventseeker: eventseeker is a premier source for event, artist and ticketing information, gathered from worldwide ticketing partners, in-house research, and the insight of local contributors around the world. eventseeker brings relevant and exclusive content to its audience who are culturally-conscious event-goers.
    • eviesays: eviesays automatically discovers events and venues in your markets and adds those to your calendar- powering community calendars for over 700 newspaper, magazine, radio station, and television station websites with a presence in all 50 states.
    • locanto: locanto is a worldwide classifieds network available in more than 60 countries that allows users to browse through a huge selection of local content.
    • Existing publishers that will now accept Event listings include and Facebook.
  • Amazon Alexa: Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service available on tens of millions of devices — like the Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Amazon Tap, and more — from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. With the Yext Knowledge Engine, you can provide Amazon Alexa with the most up-to-date information about your business and reach consumers through tens of millions of devices.
    • Initially, Amazon Alexa will use Yext-powered digital knowledge to respond to queries about businesses around the globe including Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Canada (CA), Germany (DE), India (IN), Ireland (IE), Japan (JP), New Zealand (NZ), United Kingdom (GB), and United States (US) with plans to expand to other countries in the future.
  • Zomato: Standard, location data-syncing will now be available to customers with eligible businesses categories and with the Starter Package or higher. Menu-syncing still requires a subscription to the Yext for Food Add-On.
  • Cylex: Cylex will no longer support locations in India, Nigeria, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Lithuania, and Latvia.
  • Facebook: Facebook has decided to take a proprietary, programmatic approach to solving duplicate Facebook pages, which means that Yext and all other Facebook partners can no longer support Duplicate Suppression.
  • Pitney Bowes: Pitney Bowes powers billions of transactions across the world of commerce. Through data, they help businesses market to their best customers. Yext customers can update their key knowledge, hours of operation, lat/long, business description, and more.


  • Telaustria: This Austrian online business directory helps local businesses showcase the products and services they have to offer in effect. Telaustria supports key knowledge, as well as features like Analytics and Duplicate Suppression.


  • This French online business directory supports key knowledge, as well as information about menus, products and services, and more. also supports features like Analytics and Duplicate Suppression.


  • Yext customers can update the facts about their business, like hours of operation, photos, videos, and more, for their locations in Lithuania on this online business directory. also supports features, including Featured Message.

United States

  •'s mission is to become the number one resource for consumers regarding their financial needs, including agent selection, credit score monitoring, mortgage lender comparison, tax filings, debt settlement, and debt consolidation. supports key knowledge about your financial institution's locations and agents, from hours of operation, to payment methods accepted, and more.
  • D&B Worldbase: D&B Worldbase (also known as Dun & Bradstreet), the largest global commercial database in the world, aims to help their customers build smart relationships. Yext customers can update their key knowledge, website URL, and year established in this database.
  • Public Reputation: This full-service directory is now called This is solely a name change, not a change to Yext functionality.
  •, MenuPages, UCompareHealthcare: These publishers are no longer part of the Knowledge Network in the United States.


New Reviews features provide more visibility into the reviews your customers leave for you — all around the web. This includes the abilities to filter reviews by language, view the sentiment associated with your Yelp reviews, and more.

PACKAGE: Ultimate + Yelp Knowledge
CHANNEL: Sentiment Analysis (All), Review Response (Enterprise Only)

Now you can analyze your reviews from everywhere around the web, including Yelp, using natural language processing in Sentiment Analysis. View the sentiment score for specific keywords and collections, as well as unlock hidden insights in your Yelp reviews to understand if customers love a particular product or if one of your locations is getting poor reviews for a dirty bathroom.

Mutual Yelp and Yext enterprise customers have already been able to respond to Yelp reviews from within the Yext platform, but you can now respond if you have the Yelp Knowledge package as well!

PACKAGE: Ultimate (Yelp Knowledge add-on required to identify the language of Yelp reviews)
CHANNEL: Enterprise

Yext will now identify the language used for each review your customers leave. This feature allows you to filter reviews by language so that you can direct reviews to the people who you would like to respond. Review language can be viewed in the Language column of the Monitoring or Response tabs and is exportable or able to be retrieved via API.

Languages supported:

  • Chinese (Simplified) (zh)
  • Chinese (Traditional) (zh-Hant)
  • English (en)
  • French (fr)
  • German (de)
  • Italian (it)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Korean (ko)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Spanish (es)

PACKAGE: Ultimate

For increased visibility now you can easily see which reviews have been flagged for removal and are pending review by you or any other user. These flags are visible within the platform in the Review Details screen for each individual review.

PACKAGE: Ultimate

We’ve made it even easier to create review response templates for your end users to take advantage of. Now you can simply designate text assets as available for review response when they are created using the Reviews section in Asset Creation.


Note: All users that had previously used labels to designate a text asset as “ReviewResponse” will automatically be migrated to be chosen as a Templated Review Response in the new Asset Creation menu. In the future this will be the only way to designate which text assets are available for Templated Review Response.

PACKAGE: Ultimate
CHANNEL: Partners and Small Business Customers

Effective Thursday, September 6, Templated Review Response will be available via the Ultimate package for Yext Partners and Small Business Customers. This feature depends on our Digital Asset Management functionality, which will be added to all standard packages for Yext Partners and Small Business Customers. With Templated Review Response, Yext users can quickly respond to reviews on supported sites by choosing from a library of pre-approved responses.

PACKAGE: Ultimate and/or Review Response add-on

The Summer ’18 Release includes the below Reviews-related updates to Yext’s APIs. To receive updates like these in your inbox, visit Yext’s Developer Blog and subscribe to our newsletter.

Comment: Update and Delete Endpoints
We’ve made it even easier to engage customers from the systems you are comfortable with. If you are using (or plan to use) Yext’s Reviews API to comment on reviews, you are now able to update and delete review responses and comments via API.

Facebook and Google now support both comment update and deletion through the API; Yelp and First Party reviews now support deletion through the API.


PACKAGE: Professional, Ultimate

Reviews analytics can now be dimensioned by location labels and folders.

PACKAGE: Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate

This release, we’re deprecating the old Analytics dashboard. This means that the link to the old dashboard will be hidden, and any users trying to access that page will be redirected to the new dashboard. Notifications from the old dashboard will no longer be sent.


App Directory

PACKAGE: The App Directory is available in all Yext packages (Base, Starter, Professional, Ultimate); however, some apps may only be leveraged in conjunction with higher packages. International app availability depends on the app’s ability to support customers in your market.


We continue to partner with some of the biggest enterprise platforms to bring you new ways to transfer your digital knowledge to and from Yext. Connect Yext with these systems to maximize efficiency, maintain accuracy across platforms, and become a more intelligent enterprise.

New apps in the Summer ’18 Release include:

NRC Health Transparency by NRC Health: Sync Yext information with NRC Health Transparency profiles.

  • NRC Health has the market leading patient experience transparency solution that calculates star ratings from existing patient survey data, and publishes star ratings onto health system provider directories. With more than 15 million verified patient reviews, NRC Health enables health systems to paint a true picture of the care they provide.
  • The NRC Health app keeps Transparency profiles up to date with providers that you are currently managing through Yext. Once you’ve installed the app, NRC Health Transparency will stay synced with your Yext account so that you do not have to manage provider profiles in both systems.
  • To install this app, you’ll need a NRC Health Transparency account with login credentials and “Organization Admin” permissions as well as a Yext account with a subscription to the Healthcare Knowledge Engine add-on.
  • This application will automatically set Transparency profiles to “Disabled” in when the corresponding location, with matching NPI, is closed in Yext.
  • NRC Health currently supports businesses in North America.

SendGrid Email Delivery Service by Yext: Connect Yext and your email service provider to request reviews from customers directly.

  • SendGrid is a leading email marketing platform that provides its customers simple yet powerful segmentation, flexible email design tools, actionable analytics, quick API integration, and robust code libraries in 7 languages.
  • With the SendGrid Email Destination app, you can maximize the power of your own email service provider (ESP) to request valuable feedback from your customers. The SendGrid Email Destination app syncs Yext and your primary ESP, so that you can send your customers review requests directly.
  • If you’re already using Yext Reviews to generate first-party reviews, you can now use SendGrid to send customers an email request to review your business after their visit. You can take advantage of Yext’s flexible email templates. Or if you prefer, via the SendGrid Email Destination app, you can have the email sent directly from your own email management platform, using your own templates and branding. The best part? Monitor and respond to the customer feedback you generate right in Yext.
  • To install this app, you’ll need a SendGrid account and a Yext account with a subscription to the Ultimate package.
  • SendGrid currently supports businesses around the globe.

TripAdvisor Review Express by Yext: Invite your customers to leave reviews on TripAdvisor directly from Yext.

  • TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, helping consumers — from locals to travelers — make better hotel and dining decisions. And with the TripAdvisor Review Express app, it’s even easier to collect and generate first-party reviews from your customers on TripAdvisor.
  • Once you’ve installed the app, simply log into your TripAdvisor management center and authorize the Yext integration in the new Review Express tab. Then, from your Yext dashboard, you may begin uploading the email list of customers to whom you wish to send a review request. TripAdvisor will send those customers an invitation to leave a review about your business on TripAdvisor directly within 48-72 hours. Not only that, you can monitor the reviews those customers leave you — right from Yext!
  • To install this app, you’ll need a TripAdvisor account and a Yext account with a subscription to the Ultimate package.
  • TripAdvisor currently supports businesses around the globe.

TimeTrade Scheduler by TimeTrade Systems, Inc.: Sync your Yext locations to TimeTrade to drive appointment bookings.

  • TimeTrade Enterprise Edition is the world’s most widely deployed online appointment scheduling software for medium to large organizations. TimeTrade’s unique scalability and flexibility makes it easy and fast for organizations to engage with their customers, clients or prospects.
  • The TimeTrade Scheduler App and Yext work together seamlessly. As a Yext customer, you can sync the locations you store in Knowledge Manager with TimeTrade for quick and easy on-boarding. All location-specific pages can instantly be enabled to provide appointment scheduling, making it easy for customers to connect to your business.
  • To install this app, you’ll need a TimeTrade account and a Yext account with a subscription to the Base package.
  • TimeTrade currently supports businesses around the globe. now available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

PACKAGE: All (Accessible to the public)
CHANNEL: All has gone international! The Help Site is now translated into French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. If you notice that something got lost in translation, please email and we’ll get on it immediately.


Yext Trust Site

PACKAGE: All (Accessible to the public)

You can now subscribe to updates on the Yext Trust Site.

To subscribe to updates, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Subscribe to Updates" button in the upper right.
  3. Enter your email address and click Subscribe.