Conversational AI is the Experience of the Future

Join us as we dive into unlocking value for customers and businesses through conversational AI.

Conversational AI has become a buzzword, but what does it really mean in practice for retailers, healthcare and finance services? And how have recent advances in generative AI enhanced what's possible for conversational AI?

Verizon's conversational AI strategy is based on 'humanising' the digital experience via AI capabilities — enabling their agents to have personalised, contextual, and impactful conversations with customers.

Join Bala Maddali, Head of Conversational AI at Verizon, and Christian Ward, Chief Data Officer at Yext, as they dive into unlocking value for customers and business through conversational AI.

This session will break down:

  • How to unlock value for customers and businesses through "humanised AI"

  • Strategies for establishing benchmarks to help you truly understand the value of your AI investments

  • How humans and AI should work together

  • and much more

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Bala Maddali
Head of Conversational AI
Christian J. Ward
EVP, Chief Data Officer

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