Empower Healthcare Consumers and Agents with AI Search


Digital transformation in Healthcare has exploded over the past year and consumers have higher expectations for customer service than ever before. Despite this, many health systems are unable to answer basic questions on their website. This leads to a frustrating experience, and would-be patients are inclined to search for care elsewhere.

Watch this bite-sized webinar to hear Carrie Liken, Head of Industry for Healthcare at Yext, discuss how robust search experiences can increase satisfaction scores and streamline the resolution journey not just for patients, but also for access, contact, and call centers.

In just ten minutes you can expect to learn:

  • Three trends impacting the consumer experience in Healthcare
  • The importance of AI search in redefining the patient journey
  • How technology can accelerate your organization's pace of innovation
Carrie Liken Headshot

Carrie Liken

Head of Industry, Healthcare

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