The Modern Patient Journey: New Ways to Think About Patient Acquisition


The entire healthcare industry has been forever changed by COVID-19 — including the ways patients find and access care.

The digital experience has always been important, but with the global pandemic forcing patients and consumers to stay home, the digital experience is really the only experience. Patients have also been forced to receive care at home and via virtual channels, forcing marketers to shift from driving in-person patient acquisition to adjusting to a "right care, right time" approach.

To keep up, you need to know how patients are seeking care, what they are looking for when they do, how their search journey has changed as a result of these shifting behaviors, and how you can efficiently position your organization to be in front of these patients at all times.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • New data supporting how patients and consumers are changing their healthcare journey
  • How to leverage the different ways patients and consumers find health information online to drive successful marketing campaigns that match the right patient with the right type of care
  • How to adapt your digital strategy — based not only on how patient behaviors are evolving, but also how digital algorithms are changing
Carrie Liken Headshot

Carrie Liken

Head of Industry, Healthcare

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